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Over 700 driving licenses issued in Lira in a week

Lira, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | At least 745 motorists in Lango sub-region have secured their driving licenses during the week-long exercise by the Uganda Driver Licensing System. Last week, the Ministry of Works and Transport opened the “Mobile licensing System” in Lira City and kick-started the issuance of driving …

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Driving in a flood

Avoid it if you can, be careful if you can’t | MOTORING GURU | The rain these days is throwing up the unexpected. A road that you have driven on for years without incident will easily become flooded. That is why it is important to recall the tips you picked …

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MOTORING: Turbo driving tips

Get more from your car and protect your engine Kampala, Uganda | AGENCIES | Prevention is always better than the cure and looking after your vehicle and keeping it well maintained is the best way to avoid costly repairs. With more components and a more complex design, turbocharged engines are a …

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MOTORING: Driving on muddy roads

It might be wiser to reverse and try another way Kampala, Uganda | MOTORING GURU | In our continuing series on driving during the rainy season, we explore the slippery issue of driving on muddy roads and avoiding getting stuck. Driving in the mud skills usually come in handy when you …

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