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Online registration puzzling teachers

FILE PHOTO: Education Minister Janet Museveni

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Several teachers have failed to register on the Teacher Management and Information System-TMIS in the ongoing registration of teachers nationwide. Last year, the Education and Sports Ministry introduced the Teacher Management and Information System (TMIS) to streamline the registration of teachers so as to harmonize their records for better planning and management.

According to the guidelines, teachers are required to provide their bio data and upload their academic documents on the designated website. However, the seemingly simple four steps activity is puzzling teachers.

Ibra Kakembo, a teacher in Mpigi district, says after hustling to get his document certified at Kyambogo University in a process he describes as a ‘tag of war’, they thought the online registration would be simple, which isn’t the case.

Kakembo has tried to register on the website six times in vain. “The system is complicated; it keeps on taking you (the user) over and over to already finish the steps before it definitely closes. After trying six times even with help from those who registered already,” he said.

Richard Ssetongo, a teacher blames the failure by several teachers to register on computer illiteracy. Ssetongo says he personally failed to use the system and had to part with Shillings 30,000, which he paid to a café attendant to take him through.

Rebecca Akello, another teacher notes that in many districts, more so up country, they are faced with the challenge of access to computers and internet. Akello asks government to provide a computer to each school to simplify the process.

Some teachers this reporter has talked say they uploaded their documents only to get emails indicating that they were not successful, which is frustrating.

Hajji Abdul Majid Nkuutu Kibedi, the Principal Education Officer in charge of the registration exercise, notes that many of these are giving in unwanted documents leaving.

For example, Kibedi says some teachers have been attaching their marriage certificates, which isn’t a requirement and end up being bounced.

Kibedi explains that teachers registering as grade three teachers have to submit their ‘O’ level pass slips or equivalent, certified copies Grade III pass slips and a national Identity card in PDF format.

In case a teacher doesn’t have a national identity card, they can use photocopies of their National Identification Regulatory Authority-NIRA registration form, which is proof that they are in the process of acquiring a National ID.

Filbert Baguma, the General Secretary Uganda National Teachers’ Union-Unatu also points out that they have identified a number of challenges with the system, which they have since communicated to the ministry. He says that in many cases where teachers have failed to register the system seemed to be down, which needs to be addressed.

The Education Ministry Permanent Secretary, Alex Kakooza accepts that they have had challenges with the system, which is hosted by the National Information Technology Authority-NITA.

Kakooza says the system has been breaking down and takes to get back, adding that they are taking all possible steps to resolve the challenges.




  1. but the certificate takes to long to come over 2 months plus . i request you people to make an adjustment

  2. the system load very slowly. i recommend some improvement to the system

  3. I registered some teachers in sept 2019 but up to now these teachers are not yet approved by the system. Hence they are on my neck thinking their documents were not submitted,I was forced me to submit in their presence, still no positive result

    • eheheh brother am in karamoja with a list of about 100 submission but only three have received theirs and the guys are so impatient!! they were told that it takes 2weeks and there are some we submitted in june upto now are still not spproved

  4. There are challenges logging into the system.b The responsible persons should work on that

  5. I personally registered a month ago but a up to now, I have not been able to receive any message. So I’m unaware if my registration was successful.

  6. I registered in August with TMIS in kyambogo University but now I have not yet received my certificate ,I don’t know what to
    should I go back for registration again help me

  7. This system keeps breaking down all the times, NITA (hosting company) should work on unexpected breakdown of the system

  8. For how long will I Wait for the massage after registration?

  9. O level pass slip or certificate????

  10. Can the Ministry help us to extend date at least upto 30/Jan/2020, because of too much congestion in certisfying the documents and difficulties found while registering online.

  11. Some of the fellas manning the system at various locations upcountry seem not to be aware of documents required and I ended up leaving some out and I have been rejected. Imagine starting all over again and time is running out!

  12. I have not yet seen any response ever since I registered


  14. Olwoch Thomas abill

    Ministry of education should extent the dateline for registration. There are so many teachers outside who are not yet registered because of frequent system shutdown.

  15. Many teachers are so much frustrated just because of limited dateline. Yet we have plenty of teachers outside there

  16. Any news about the dead line today.

  17. The deadline should be extended up to February. We request. Teachers who have failed 2 register b’se of system breakdown are now serving the nation~busy marKing UNEB. WE BEG YOU EXTEND THE DEADLINE

  18. surely we have registered several times but in vain. At least extend the deadline

  19. The admin staff at tmis are grafty. They have agents in different cafe centres, a graduate tr has to pay 80k in order to get a certificate within 1wk and Gv 50k. The ministry should investigate on that issue otherwise many of us are going to be left out.

  20. How can i get respond?,two months after registration but no message recive on my email.

  21. The system does not send feedback in time. it rejects codes and passwords it generates for us to proceed. request for a robust and fast network to immediately connect for many teachers do not have regular access to the net.

  22. Eseru C, i was told to check for my registration after one month , but up to now no message & yet time is coming to an end.

  23. I have not received any information since i registered. How can i check? Help?

  24. I posted my doccuments to the ministry in september for registration but up now no feed back what should i do before deadline

  25. I have certificate in Primary Teacher

  26. A grade III teacher who completed in 2017 from Kampala University Primary Teachers College

  27. I am Grade III teacher who completed in 2017 from Kampala University Primary Teachers College

  28. For me I have now given up. I registered in September but up to now no response. TMIS team are doing us great injustice!!

  29. i missed the registration what can i do
    I request the ministry extend the program for successful registration

  30. i missed the registration what can i do
    I request the ministry extend the program for successful registration

  31. Dimba David Kenyi

    Teachers are willing to register but the system is ineffective. There is need to extend the date to end of March 2020.

  32. How can you phase out an old system of registration within just one year. It needs sometime. Already acording to sunday monitor 5th january 2020, the ministry of education has threatened to remove those not registered from govt payroll

  33. kalulu Dhamuzungu paul

    i registered in November but up now i have no feed back

  34. I have so far registered twice on the 30/10/2019 and on 19/12/2019 but still no response. What is the way forward.

  35. We went to make corrections on our transcripts on 16/11/2019 ,we were told to go back after two months meaning that the deadline had passed, the government should extent the deadline bse many teachers are still not registered.

  36. I have so far registered twice in early july and Nov 2019 but up to now have not yet received any message what should i do?

  37. The system is slow and most teachers who have not received their new registration certificate are now scared to begin class on monday 3feb,2020.please help!


    gov’t sh’d style up,these policies are efficient in developed has not reached that level,let’s us improve on technology first be4 that.without that i count tims a failled policy.and this sh’d’nt target only trs.

  39. My transcripts had an error, but up to now the University has not yet corrected it and I have not certified my documents yet.

  40. Bismark kapsikorya

    Yes,the system is inconsistent.I have been given a file but no registration number.when I checked in my email,I was told my documents miss matched,but all my documents are certified.I registered 4 month ago.iam equally confused.

  41. Online teachers registration should be open up to the end of this calendar year 2020. Am highly frustrated with the system.

  42. Is a national ID a must or not

  43. Any update on new registration deadline?


    I am also frustrated because i myself i registered all documents with tmis in october 2019 but if i check on my e mail grade 111original certificate is not there and they say ur documents mixed up you can help me

  45. Can I register? or registration was closed completely?

  46. Oburu john martin

    Some time the internet cafe want to do business by not scaning all the documents presented,and itmakes the process not being completed as one keeps waiting again and again.

  47. Hello Team,
    If I have an a Name error on my National Identity Card, what do I need to do so that I am registered successfully? Can an affidavit (statutory declaration) support in the meantime. Thanks

  48. Musinguzi Walden

    I have tried to register several times even using the same cafe but all in vain. How long should i wait or how many times should i register?

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