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Nyamityobora vendors seek permission to construct market

Nyamityobora market is in an appalling state. URN photo

Mbarara, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Vendors in Nyamityobora food market in Mbarara City South A division have written a letter to Mbarara city authorities seeking permission to redevelop their market. The vendors say they have saved money under Nyamityobora Market Vendors Association, which they can use to redevelop the market, which sits on two acres of land.

The food market that started in 1998 currently hosts over 600 vendors dealing in matooke, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, and fruits among others. Pasious Bagambe, the Vice chairperson of Nyamityobora market says that they wrote to Mbarara city leadership demonstrating their capability to redevelop their market.

According to Bagambe, they currently operate under terrible conditions including a lack of security for the market because it lacks a gate. They currently hire more than ten security guards to watch over their merchandise.

Bagambe is hopeful that when they redevelop the food market, it will attract more vendors and buyers, who have chosen to stay away.

He however says they have not yet established the total cost for redeveloping the market, saying they will know when the city authorities grant their request. Slyvia Natukunda, a banana vendor says that the sorry state of the market has affected their development.

Consolata Kemigisha Adyeeri, the Women Affairs Secretary in Nyamityobora market, says that when the council constructs the market, it will charge them exorbitant rental fees compared to when they do it themselves through their savings. Kemigisha says they constructed the temporary structures with each of them paying Shillings 406,000.

Adam Sebalu, General Secretary Nyamityobora ward says redeveloping the market will help fight street vendors and congestion along the roads. Sebalu says the temporary market gives a poor image to the new city.

Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi, the Mbarara City Mayor says that much as the vendors are asking to construct the market, they have also written to the permanent secretary of Local Government to construct Rwebikona and Nyamityobora daily markets under the Markets and Agriculture Trade Improvement Program and they are waiting for a reply.

Richard Mugisha, the Deputy Mbarara City town clerk confirmed receiving the vendors’ letter noting that they cannot approve it without the consent of the council. He however says that much as the vendors requested to construct the daily market, the council had approved the redevelopment.



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  1. The vendors should be granted permission to construct the market.

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