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No worries as sim card registration deadline looms

Subscribers registering their simcards.

The mad rush by Ugandans to register their sim cards last month after a one week ultimatum issued by Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) seems a far cry from the current situation as the May 19 deadline looms.

Government extended the exercise by a month after many people complained about the reregistration exercise. Officials in the telecom sector and their counterparts in government, including Police boss, Gen Kale Kayihura have conducted meetings over the registration exercise although reports indicate they have not agreed on a number of issues including what to do with those who fail to beat the deadline.

A number of people remain unregistered blaming National Identification Registration Authority for their predicament. Some say the process is too long and other say they registered and have never received their IDs. Ugandan citizens are required to re-register their simcards using the National Identification Number (NIN) on their National IDs.


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  1. Quite unfortunate that the process has not considered Ugandans in the diaspora! Many of them have not been able to acquire National IDs. Many are using their Uganda registered mobile numbers to transact business. What the government has forgotten is that our foreign embassies have no capacity to register these nationals . Furthermore the national passport is an internationally recognized form of identification. Worse still they are allowing foreigners and refugees are being allowed to register using their passports.

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