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Museveni rehabilitates Obote’s homes and family

In July 2012, President Yoweri Museveni asked The Independent’s Managing Director, Andrew Mwenda, to accompany him to visit the window of former President Milton Obote, Mrs. Miria Obote, at her home along Impala Avenue in Kololo.

Mwenda is a close friend of the Obote family and an admirer of the former president. This visit was special and significant because Museveni has historically been a strong critic of Obote. It was also a major act of reconciliation.

In the one and a half hours Museveni spent talking to Mama Miria, the two reminisced about the good times they shared together when in exile in Tanzania and not their contested political differences.

Museveni then toured Obote’s house which had been vandalised by soldiers and promised to renovate it and also reconstruct Obote’s grave in Akokoro, build a house for the former president at a site he had selected in 1985, rebuild Obote’s mother house and much more. This act of reconciliation has gone unnoticed by mainstream media.

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