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Muntu defies Nandala Mafabi, starts nationwide consultations

Gen Mugisha Muntu 
Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Former Forum For Democratic Change (FDC) president Maj.Gen Mugisha Muntu will today launch his national consultations in Hoima in western Uganda.

Muntu’s consultation are going ahead as planned despite a letter from FDC Secretary General Nathan Nandala Mafabi warning that no party member should carry out any public activities anywhere in the country before consulting the party headquarters.

Mafabi’s letter dated January 10, 2018 cautions FDC district chairpersons and general secretaries that anybody intending to hold public activities in the name of the party must first seek approval of the FDC National Executive Committee.

Mugisha Muntu has however indicated that his consultations are above party programmes, and aim to help the country build institutions and prepare for the post-Museveni era. He has reportedly notified police of his planned meetings.

“Last year, I pledged to conduct comprehensive nationwide consultations with Ugandans regarding the way forward. These consultations are not about me or any single individual. They are about how best to put country before self,” he said in a statement released on Sunday.

He warned against the opposition focussing on regime change, and said his consultations aim to create a new awareness about where the country is headed.

“My belief has always been that we should resist the temptation of being obsessed with regime change in and of itself. Museveni’s departure is a given, whether he likes it or not,” Muntu said in his statement. “But if we do not prepare for the post-Museven era, we may find ourselves in the  same position we are trying to escape from, where the country is dependant of the charity of individuals rather that functioning institutions.”

Muntu was late last year defeated by Eng. Patrick Amuriat in a bitterly contested FDC presidential poll.

Amuriat was elected new FDC president after he got 57.6 % of the vote (641) from the delegates, edging incumbent Mugisha Muntu who got 463 votes – 41.7%.

Muntu’s campaign was marred by accusations that he is an NRM mole in FDC, Uganda’s leading opposition party.

After the elections, Muntu dismissed reports that he is forming a third force in FDC, and said he will continue consultations on the best way forward with all stakeholders.

“People keep telling us to start a new party. Even if there is a separation, the dynamics in those parties will not be different from what we see in the parties today. What we need to build is a new culture within the parties.”

He argued for a change in the political culture within the political parties and the country. “We need to build a new culture within the parties and act consistently,” he said, adding “If you cannot manage contradictions in a party how will you manage the contradictions in the country?”






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