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Muni University demands Barifa forest land for expansion

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Arua, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Officials at Muni University have appealed to the government to donate part of the land hosting Arua Central Forest Reserve, commonly known as Barifa Forest for expansion.

The University’s acting Vice-Chancellor, Associate Professor Simon Anguma Katrini says that additional land is needed to facilitate the expansion of the faculties of technoscience, health sciences and science.He says that given the current growth trajectory of the university, the current land is not sufficient for expansion and development.

Associate Professor Simon Anguma made the plea during the 5th graduation ceremony of the university held on Friday.

In the 2012/2013 financial year, the then Arua Municipal council approved a plan for the de-gazettement of Barifa Central Forest Reserve to pave way for an eco-city. In the proposed eco-city plan, at least 50 acres of central forest land was allocated to Muni University. However, Parliament deferred the plan citing loopholes in the approval process.

Eng. Joel Aita, the chairperson of Muni University Council explains that Barifa Forest, in its current state has been a source of insecurity for the students and the entire University community. He also appealed to the government to ensure that the process of degazetting Barifa Forest is completed so that the university can secure additional land for expansion.

Muni university was established in 2013 by the Uganda government under the statutory instrument No 31 in accordance with the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2006. Since then, the University has now six operational faculties offering over 15 academic programs.

According to records at the office of Muni University Chancellor, since its establishment, the University has acquired 6,929 acres of land gratuitously donated by National Teachers College Muni, local governments in the West Nile region and the local community.



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