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MPs Paul Mwiru, Karuhanga cross to ANT

Muntu, Mwiru, Karuhanga and Alaso. PHOTO ANT MEDIA

Kampala, Uganda | PROSSY NANSUBUGA | Members of Parliament Paul Mwiru and Gerald Karuhang have joined the the Alliance for  National transformation (ANT) recently formed by Mugisha Muntu.

While addressing the media this morning in Kampala, Mwiru and Karuhanga highlighted the need for an upgrade in some of Uganda’s sectors which have informed their decision to cross the floor.

“I want to inform the country, that I have joined Alliance for national transformation with my own conscious and passion, because there’s a need to transform the health, economic sectors of Uganda, and ensure the respect of human rights” Mwiru said.

In 2019, eight months after quitting FDC, the party’s former president, Gen Mugisha Muntu founded his ANT party which pledged to push ofr innovation and skills development by tapping into the initialized potential of the youth.

So far, the party has over 20 MPs ready to contest in the next elections, including two former leaders of the opposition, Prof. Ogenga Latigo and Winfred Kiiza.

ANT recently picked Mugisha Muntu as their flag bearer in the presidential race.

In his remarks, Karuhanga of Ntungamo Municipality who has been an Independent, said that he supported ANT’s police to give equal opportunities to all Ugandans, ensure equity in the distribution of resources and erase nepotism which is a trend for the current government.

“To the younger generation, this isn’t the time to cool off but to marshal all our energies and turn around this country,” he said.


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