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MURDERS: MPs dismiss govt’s witchcraft, illuminati explanation

FILE PHOTO: Debate in parliament

Kampala, Uganda | GODFREY SSALI |  Members of Parliament (MPs) dismissed an explanation by the Internal Affairs Minister that the 21 women killed in the last four months in Nansana and Katabi in Entebbe were ritual murders.

A highly charged parliament Thursday saw several MPs questioning whether government remained in charge of security in the country. Anna Adeke (NRM, National Female Youth) said that the murders were a direct attack on security, a core achievement of the current government as well as the dignity of the woman.

The MPs were debating a statement made by Internal Affairs Minister, Gen. Jeje Odongo in which he described the killings as ritual murders characterized by perpetuators cutting up victims’ bodies to collect internal organs.

“The Katabi murders are linked to a serial killer called Katongole who is linked to ‘illuminati'(devil worship),” said Odong.

Parliament heard that most of the murders were, according to police investigations, linked to ritual sacrifice and Illuminati. The report, termed as preliminary with investigations still on-going, also blames the increase in the crime rate on the indiscipline and unemployment of the youth.


The body of one of the women killed being collected by Police.

MPs said that torture, rape and brutality that are characteristic of the current women murders were not typical of ritual murders.

“In ritual murders, perpetuators do not rape women or insert sticks in their private parts. They want young children and girls, who have no body piercings,” said Margaret Komuhangi (NRM, Nakasongola district).

Parliament resumed sittings Thursday afternoon following an adjournment on Tuesday to force government to give an explanation about the women murders.

Gen. Jeje Odongo said that between May and September this year, a total of 21 women have been killed, with some of them showing signs of manual strangulation.

Other killings have been registered in Bwaise and Bulaga town. He said that 44 suspects linked to the murders have been arrested, while half of them have been charged in court.

The Minister said that a suspect had said that the killings in Nansana Municipality were carried out by a criminal gang for ritual purposes.


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