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MP Kabaziguruka refuses to plead to Court Martial charges


Jailed Nakawa Municipality MP Michael Kabaziguruka has for the second time refused to plead to charges of treachery before the General Court Martial. The court Tuesday sent him back on remand and warned him over contempt of its orders.

Despite rulings by both the Army and High court that he is properly charged before the General Court Martial  for allegedly aiding and abetting serving UPDF officers to commit service offences, Kabaziguruka maintains he does not subscribe to jurisdiction of the Court Martial because he is not an Army  officer.

The Court Martial  re-read charges to Kabaziguruka on Tuesday with hope he would take a plea but he refused and  instead informed the court ‘s chairman  Lt .Gen. Andrew Gutti that he is going to appeal against his decision before the Appellant General Court Martial .

Meanwhile two more UPDF soldiers have been charged bringing the number of accused persons to 26.

Court heard that Warrant Officer Isaac Kasabongo and  Sgt Zubair Mawa who are in charge of the Armory store at Bombo millitary barracks,  between months of February and June 2016 conspired with Kabaziguruka and 23 other people to contrive a plot to overthrow the government of Uganda by use of firearms.

The two also pleaded not guilty to treachery and offences relating to security.

Court chairman Lt. Andrew Gutti recorded a plea of not guilty in respect to Kabaziguruka with warnings that he stands to be charged with another offence of  contempt of court.

He then sent them back on remand until October 17 to allow prosecution complete its investigations.

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