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Mother, son electrocuted in Bugiri

Residents converge at the scene. URN photo

Bugiri, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Police in Bugiri district is investigating circumstances under which an 18-year-old Fahad Mususwa and his mother, Fazira Kagoya aged 53 years were electrocuted in their garden on Saturday evening.

The victims who are residents of Bugodo village in Kapyanga sub county in Bugiri district are reported to have come into contact with power transmission lines from loose electricity poles which had fallen in their garden.

Kagoya’s husband, Zubair Mususwa says that the two were trapped in the rain and he only noticed their bodies while attempting to trace for them.

“This area is prone to lightning strikes and after noticing that my wife and son had delayed returning home despite the heavy rains, I went out to collect them from the garden only to see their bodies lying along the electric power transmission lines,” he says.

Ahamada Tanya, the village chairperson says that eyewitness accounts indicate that Kagoya died while attempting to save her son.

“The two farmers who had sought refuge in one of the trees in the farmland informed us that Mususwa slid and fell on the loose electric wires but when Kagoya tried to pull him up she also collapsed and passed away,” he says.

Busoga East police spokesperson, James Mubi says that UMEME officials have been alerted to replace all the dilapidated electric poles throughout the entire district which will save members of the public from encountering such accidents during the rainy season.



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