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Mixed sentiments at celebration of NRM liberation anniversary

NRM Office in Arua.

Arua, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT  |  Residents in Arua district have expressed mixed sentiments on the commemoration of the National Resistance Movement Liberation Day.  

The holiday commemorates the date in 1986 when the NRM Captured Kampala to overthrow the government of the day, after a five-year protracted struggle that started in 1981 at Kabamba Barracks by the National Resistance Army Fighters led by Yoweri Museveni.  

At the time of the overthrow, the government was characterized by civil rights offences, human rights violations, corruption and fraud. A military Commission led by Gen Tito Okello and Bazilio Okello had just assumed power from Dr Apollo Milton Obote. The overthrow of the regime ushered a semblance of peace, stability and tranquillity in Uganda.  

But 34 years later, a number of Ugandans have mixed feelings on the celebration.  Jaffer Alekua, a senior citizen who has been through various regimes in Uganda says that the achievements are soiled by greed and a prolonged campaign to hold onto power, instead of empowering the people.  

He says poverty levels have gone to the extreme because there is no deliberate effort by the NRM government to uplift the economy.   

Similarly, David Asizua, an LCI chairman in Arua says that unless corruption and political violence are addressed, it will be difficult to consolidate the gains NRM has made over the last three decades.       

Meanwhile Steven Buga, a Veteran in Arua says that in spite of the great achievements of NRM like an improvement in the road network, universal education, peace among others, the President’s agenda is dented by selfish people around the presidency.  

According to Buga, the economy of Uganda needs to be boosted by the government through a direct monetary approach so as to minimize the increasing negative inflationary effects on the people.    

Arua Resident District Commissioner Nahori Oya says that the achievements of NRM are worth celebrating on recognition of the journey from the turbulent times experienced under previous governments.  

The celebration of the day, this year, is in Ibanda District under the theme; Celebrating NRM/A’s patriotic Struggle that ushered in National Unity and Social Transformation. 



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