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DEAL: Mao signs cooperation agreement with Museveni

NRM and DP have signed and MoU to work together. URN photo

Mao told Museveni that he now has the historical opportunity to gather party members scattered all over Uganda

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The National Resistance Movement-NRM party has signed a working cooperation agreement with the Democratic Party-DP at State House, Entebbe.

President Yoweri Museveni, also the National chairman of NRM signed on behalf of the party, while Nobert Mao, signed on behalf of DP which he leads as President General.

According to a press release by the Presidential Press Unit, NRM Secretary General Richard Todwong and Gerald Siranda of DP, witnessed the signing.

Speaking after the signing, Museveni congratulated Mao upon agreeing to work on steering DP to work with the NRM. He noted that this is something that should have happened at the top administrative level long ago.

“You know the history. I keep telling you that DP without Museveni is not a serious group because I was a very active member of DP,” Museveni said and added that he was very happy with this milestone. He said that although DP has been supporting opposition, they have been friendly and not destructive.

On his part, Mao appreciated the milestone on behalf of his party, saying that this is a continuous journey which started before some of them were born. He told Museveni that he now has the historical opportunity to gather party members scattered all over Uganda.

“You must look for them wherever they are in all the political parties and in all the corners of Uganda,” Mao said. He said that DP is committed to adhering to what has been agreed upon.

“This is a living document. It has to continue growing and we have signed it in a good faith,” Mao said adding that documents signed show that they have managed to resolve the contradictions that they have been having.

He saluted the courage President Museveni exhibited all through and the risks he has taken saying that he is the captain of the ship called Uganda and that it is important to pray for him as he leads.

It is not yet clear what is contained in the signed memorandum. DP, Uganda’s oldest political party joins Uganda People’s Congress to agree to work with the ruling NRM.




  1. “You know the history. I keep telling you that DP without Museveni is not a serious group …”.

    In other other words, since Hon Kawanga Ssemogerere also made a similar Deal with Mr. Museveni in 1986; it means Gen Tibuhaburwa has been and still is the de facto DP President General (Chairman).

    Hence the Hon Kawanga Ssemogerere, Ssebana Kizito (RIP) and Norbert Mao of DP in this country, for being political dummies and receiving their MEAL CARDS from Mr. Museveni.

    No wonder they are soft bellied and only pretend to oppose Gen Tibuhaburwa tyranny.

  2. That good, congratulations DP. Let us wait other political parties to be with heart of their nation so that they may be like a DP president OMAU.
    Thanks to H.E.GEN.YKMUSEVENI AND MR.OMAU For the agreement. Other opposition parties founder where are you?? Come for the best UGANDA. WELCOME For your UG.

  3. Mordecai Eli'Ezer ben Avraham

    Well, Norbert Mao has made a wise decision ! Why should such a brilliant guy be expected to be stuck and frozen in a Dead Party (DP) ?
    Those who are condemning Mao’s deal with the president must recognize the fact that the so-called “democratic party” in Uganda died in 1962; it’s ghost attempted to come out in 1980, but was exorcised by the UPC/Milton Obote’s “stealing” of the 1980 elections; it was buried finally in 1986 when NRM took over power, and now, with the new deal between M7 and Mao, the deceased “democratic party” of Yuganda has finally been accorded – so belatedly – it’s LAST FUNERAL RITES !!
    We salute the president of Yuganda for his talented political skills of neutralizing and absorbing the so-called opposition parties and going on to build a united Yuganda.
    The crazy and ridiculous wranglings and sectarian divisions that have been bedeviling and characterising DP for decades are evidence that such a party is not only incapable of leading (ruling) the country, but too unworthy to even become a political party in the country.

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