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Mao calls for peaceful transition of power

The Democratic Party-DP Presidential candidate Nobert Mao

Kyotera, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT | The Democratic Party-DP Presidential candidate Nobert Mao has asked Ugandans to join the struggle for a peaceful change of government. 

Mao who was on Sunday campaigning in Rakai and Kyotera districts said that Ugandans should emulate other East African countries which include Kenya, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo among others who have witnessed the peaceful handover of power. 

Mao says that several parts of the country lack social services such as electricity, access to clean and safe water, bad roads, poor health services, poor education and poverty. He further urged the voters to elect competent leaders who will transform the country and make it a better place for every Ugandan.  

According to Mao, opposition parties are struggling through different means to ensure they vote out the incumbent, President Museveni. He further asked the electorate not to be duped by bribery during the campaign period. 

He further urged the residents to vote competent leaders in parliament regardless of their age and political party as a move to improve service delivery. 

During his campaigns, Mao rallied voters to elect John Paul Mpalanyi, the DP candidate for Kyotera County MP and Fortunate Rose Nantongo for Kyotera Woman Parliamentary seat saying they are competent to serve the interests of the people of Kyotera. 

DP supporters appealed to Mao to strengthen party structures to ensure that the party remains strong and focused on transforming the leadership of the country.



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