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Mao appoints Luyiga as DP special envoy for youth

By Aloysious Kasoma

Democratic Party President Norbert Mao has appointed Makerere University KCCA Councilor as a special envoy for youths to champion DP students Leadership in Uganda.

Mao announced during the weekly DP press conference in Kampala that Bernard Luyiga who will be reporting to the party president as the special envoy and will assume the office immediately. According to Luyiga, he is tasked to build the spirit of Democratic Party in Tertiary and University institutions at the guild level.

“I will be reporting to the president and am tasked to ensure that I work hard to revamp the Uganda Youth Democrats (UYD). I will work irrespective of guild leadership and champion students’ rights in the institutions of higher learning” Luyiga said.

According to Mao his appointment will re-generate the spirit of Democratic Party among the youth which has deteriorated lately.

Several politicians have been raised through such structures to become guild presidents, councilors and eventually MPs. Mukasa Mbidde, Suzan Abo, Norbert Mao , Matthias Mpuuga and the current Makerere University Guild President Robert Rutalo are and were members of DP youth leadership at institution level.

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