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Many questions as Aine returns alive

Christopher Aine, the head of Mbabazi’s campaign security team, made a surprise re-appearance on April 07 after about four months of disappearance.

Aine, who was on the wanted list of the Police with a bounty of Shs 20 million on his head, had earlier been reported to have been killed in the hands of the Police who it was claimed took him away from his home in December last year.

On the other hand, the security agencies claimed that he was in hiding. The speculation went into overdrive when an alleged picture of his body was posted on social media. However, Aine made a surprise appearance on NTV in the hands of President Museveni’s brother Gen. Salem Saleh who claimed that Aine was his son.

Aine, who looked well-fed and relaxed, claimed to have been hiding in Tanzania for the last four months. He had no contact with his family or employers, which has evoked questions with some analysts saying there’s more to his appearance than meets the eye.

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