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Malaysia expels North Korean ambassador Kang Chol

Key accusations levelled at Malaysia by N.Korea over Kim killing

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | AFP | 

Malaysia expelled North Korean ambassador Kang Chol on Saturday, giving him 48 hours to leave the country after Kuala Lumpur said Pyongyang had failed to offer an apology over accusations about the investigation into Kim Jong-Nam’s murder.

Here are the key accusations made by North Korea since the killing on February 13:

– No trust in Malaysian police –

Kang has said that the Malaysian police cannot be trusted to investigate the assassination fairly:

“There is no clear evidence on the cause of death and at the moment we cannot trust the investigation by the Malaysian police.”

– Colluding with enemies –

The ambassador tested Malaysia’s patience by alleging it was in cahoots with its arch-rival Seoul:

“This incident is politicised by Malaysia in collusion with South Korea.”

– Smear campaign –

North Korea’s official Korea Central News Agency (KCNA) condemned the Malaysian autopsy on the body of Kim Jong-Nam as “illegal and immoral” and demanded the remains be handed over.

The North maintained there was no clear evidence linking it to the murder and accused the South, the US and Malaysia of framing Pyongyang as part of a “smear campaign”.

– Police brutality –

Kang accused Malaysia of police brutality against the North Korean suspect who has since been released, and said the country was violating human rights:

“They even pointed the guns to his family members to threaten their lives and beaten his teenage son in the face. This is the human rights abuse that can be seen only in the US gang film.”


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