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Makerere College of science celebrates World Radiography Day

Makerere building

Kampala, Uganda | Sarah Namulondo | Students and lecturers at Makerere College of science have joined in today’s celebrations of the international World Radiography Day.

The day which is gazetted by the World Health Organisation is celebrated to commemorate the 1895 x-ray discovery by Dr W Roentgen in German.

The discovery introduced a new health science in the world which is called radiology or radiography said John Kabwami, a 79 year old retired radiographer.

He said that the first x-ray to come to Uganda was brought in by a gentleman called Sir Albert Cook; its presence in the country put Uganda a head in medical science in Africa because people travelled from as far as Sudan and Central Africa to come and do x-rays in Uganda.

Kabwami said that he and Nsalabwa Wotoyitide were colleagues and some of the first African radiographers in Uganda. They both said they were happy to join in the celebrations.

Nsalabwa said that this celebration has helped him reflect a lot on how radiography has evolved with technological inventions.

He said that before they could not perform an x-ray on a pregnant woman but the CT scan has done a lot to disapprove there past ideology.

There have been many inventions in radiography like the brain, kidney, and blood vessel machines which were impossible before.

Patrick Mpiima Kibirango, a Registrar of the Ministry of Health at the event said that radiography studies have also evolved from certificate training to master’s degree which has improved the career path of most radiographers.

He said that there is a bright future for most radiographers and he sees radiography inventions increasing in the coming years because it has been the same in the past years.

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