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Lyantonde butchers protest slaughtering fees

Lyantonde, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Lyantonde butchers have raised concern over high slaughtering fees seeking the town council authorities to intervene and reduce on these fees.

The butchers under their association Lyantonde Meat Park Investment Club are demanding for 50 percent reduction of the fees or else they will be forced to abandon the district abattoir.

Led by Christopher Kasozi the association chairperson, they claim that they are charged Shs 2000 for each cow and shs 1000 for each slaughtered at the town council abattoir which he says is too much for them.

He says that on top of the money being too much, it’s also not accounted for saying that they are not issued with receipts for the money they pay which he says that makes them suspicious that the money maybe benefiting individuals instead of being taken to the district coffers.

The butchers accuse the district veterinary office of conniving to persecute butchers asking the Chief Administrative officer David Lubuka to come to their rescue and save them from being exploited.

Abud Kazibwe another butcher says that they need district authorities to investigate how the money collected from slaughtering fees is utilized because locals don’t see any value for the funds since it not even accounted for.

The butchers have threatened to stop slaughtering animals protesting the fees which they call unfair.

They also accuse the administrators of the abattoir of not clearing their colleagues that have not paid the money to access the abattoir yet previously they were paying after slaughtering their animals an action which they termed being unfair to them.

The CAO Lubuka however has asked the butchers to file their complaints formerly with his office so that their issues can be looked into.

He says that the current fees structure is fair asking the butchers to comply with it since it was passed by the district council.

A kilogram of meat goes for shs 14000 in Lyantonde town and the butchers claim the price could be a little less if they were not paying such high costs.



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