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Lockdown registers spike in domestic violence in Lango

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Police has recorded a worrying increase in domestic violence cases since the Covid-19 lockdown started in Lango sub-region.

The North Kyoga regional police headquarters has reported that in the first quarter of the year before the lockdown, the reported cases of domestic violence in the region averaged 127 a month. But in the second quarter after the lockdown was announced, the cases of domestic violence in the sub-region rose to an average 146 per month. The third quarter has seen the situation deteriorating further with cases of domestic violence rising to 180 on average per month.

According to police, the cases were reported to Child and Family protection units from March to August 2020.

James Ekaju, spokesperson for the North Kyoga Police region attributes the high number of domestic violence cases to COVID 19 lockdown.

Giving segregated data, police also reported on the violence inflicted strictly to children showing a total of 544 cases of defilement. Of these, 60 cases registered in January, 73 in February, 62 in March, 30 cases in April, 71 in May, 89 in June, 79 in July and 80 cases in August.

A total of 567 cases of child neglect were recorded, 63 cases in January, 90 in February, 94 in March, 37 in April, 65 in May 74 in June, 70 in July and 74 cases in august.

Meanwhile, 70 cases of child torture were registered in the same period. They include 6 cases in January, 21 in February, 8 in March, 8 in April, 10 in May, 7 in June, 7 in July and 3 cases in August.

Although no cases of missing child, child trafficking and child labour were registered in the same period, Ekaju has reminded parents to sensitise their children and to combat child neglect.

Paul Nkore, the North Kgoya Regional Police Commander, says they have embarked on sensitizing the public on the negative impacts of domestic violence to mitigate the vice.

“Cases of domestic violence are indeed rising among the communities, however I am glad to report that we have reinforced our community policing team and the stakeholders have embarked on serious sensitization of the masses against the vice,’’ Nkore said.

He asked the public not to always take the law in their hands but report cases of child abuse, domestic violence to police.

Barely two weeks ago, a man in Kole stabbed to death his only biological son after having a fight with his wife in a domestic brawl. In Kwania district, a 42 year old woman was arrested by police for allegedly hacking to death her 48 year old husband accusing him of cheating.



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