Wednesday , November 29 2023
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LIVE: Suspended MPs thrown out of parliament

The “Age Limit” motion will propose several changes, including lifting the age limit of 75 on the presidency, a move seen as a significant step towards securing a free run for President Yoweri Museveni to seek re-election in 2021.

Wednesday’s Order Paper had indicated motions by Magyezi, Sam Lyomokiand  Patrick Nsamba will be considered.

The three are: A motion to institute a Constitutional Review Commission by Nsamba (Kassanda North -NRM ); Motion to Lift the Age Limit out of the Constitution by Magyezi (Igara West -NRM) and Motion to craft a Transitional Management and Amnesty Bill by Dr.Sam Lyomoki (Workers’ MP -NRM).




  1. To:# M7
    Underlined In Red Pen..
    Dear Museveni,
    Even If You Rule Us Like Animals,
    Know That You Are A Human Being,
    You Must Die Sir..
    So Ive Told You,
    Okay Send Your Men Now To Kill Me Now!!!!

  2. Gaddafi was once a very powerful leader, his sons more trained than Muhoozi but where are they? nrm mpigs Uganda constitution is not a toilet paper u can fold in any shape or form to fit in between the two peaks, Muze is tired and old any time soon he may pack up and I don’t know how best you can survive without him? for God and my country.

  3. M7 is more visionary than almost all nrm
    mps including may be kadaga and all ugandans

  4. Mr Museveni You Came To Power To Creat Democracy, Is This The Democracy? Why Should You Spoil The Best Source You Prepared For The Great (1000) Grand Children To Come In Just 30years? And Under Your Umbrella. Why?

  5. The uganda we,re leading z nw one man,the president however,my proporsal to the mps z dat f they a 2 accept 2 amend da constition,den they #must uplift term limits,uganda daznt exit bkoz M7 en t wil die wid M7,
    plz Mps help en save future generation

  6. NRM hungry mobs have tried to sell our country into pieces due to their stupid excitements of small resdues from their defencive boss fooling them with orders of bribe not knowing time will come for them to pay back.REM,YOU CANNOT UNDO WHAT YOU DID.a small towel can remove the beauty of a woman in one second.”GOD SAVE UGANDA”

  7. M7 is just causing enemity to his up coming generation

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