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Kyamuhunga residents demand compensation for livestock lost to stray dogs

Bushenyi, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Residents of four villages in Kyamuhunga sub-county, Bushenyi district have petitioned the office of the Resident District Commissioner for compensation following an attack by stray dogs.

They said that they lost more than 100 domestic animals when stray dogs invaded the villages of Katura, Mashong, Kibazi and Ryabaganju from the end of November to mid-December. The animals that were attacked included cows, goats, sheep, pigs and chicken.

Mashonga Parish councillor, Sula Nuwe faults the area leadership for failing to come to the aid of the residents who have continued losing animals to the predators. He explains that they have now written to the offices of RDC and the District Police Commander demanding both compensation for the lost animals and more protection.

Nyakatembe village chairperson, Eldard Babigumira narrates that he was seated in his kitchen when the animals invaded his home, where they killed four goats in the first attack. He adds that eventually, he lost seven goats and three hens in two days and is now seeking compensation because the animals were his source of livelihood.

The residents say that the animals which the leaders said were stray dogs have caused them much loss and are now putting their lives at immense risk.

Bushenyi District Veterinary Officer, Roberts Natukunda says that they have monitored the dog’s habits and observed that they are only draining and feeding on blood from the animals they attack. At the moment, he adds, district officials have asked for poison from the ministry to be able to eliminate them from the community.

However, he adds that before the response from the ministry, residents are free to hunt them down.



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  1. We eagerly await feedback on the activity from the Veterinary offices

    On the third round of such losses, the surviving goat finally succumbed to Rabies

    On engaging the Veterinary
    unit, it was disheartening to learn that every year, the appropriate activity is part of the plan at district level but it is not funded

    The one health activities may have to get this as a priority area or enhance activities in several districts. Just like the close association of monkeys with man ,as the forest cover contracts, is becoming a menace

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