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Did you know? Some people are allergic to modern life

Exposure to everyday technology to some people causes symptoms of varying intensity

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | People allergic to modern life are often diagnosed as sufferers of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) or Environmental Illness.

It is a chronic disorder in which exposure to everyday chemicals and technology causes symptoms of varying intensity.

Some of the symptoms of MCS are merely annoying and range from muscle pain to general fatigue. Others are reportedly crippling, such as intense nausea, migraines, sudden panic, and even vertigo.

Sufferers claim that their symptoms coincide with exposure to chemicals and technologies around them, such as fragrances, synthetic fabrics, pesticides, and Wi-Fi.

Most doctors hesitate to legitimise the condition, citing lack of scientific evidence, calling it a psycho-social condition with acute physical symptoms.


  1. This could use more substance. MCS is comorbid to Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, and Desert Storm Illness. Environmental Illnesses are on the rise. There is a plethora of research, books, and organizations in regards. I have upwards of over 1000 research citations if your interested in actually depicting this illness accurately and bringing proper awareness. MCS aka TILT aka EI.

  2. This article says almost nothing, and what it does say isn’t factually backed up from any source. It would be more interesting if it mentioned the large amount of recent scientific evidence demonstrating MCS to be a biological and not psychological illness.

  3. Most Doctors don’t recognize the symptoms of environmental illness / Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (particularly in it’s early stages), and this is likely one of the biggest reasons it is so under-reported. Most just write prescriptions for symptom control medications and wash their hands of the patient.

    It mimics so many illnesses because it affects multiple organ systems ( ) : muscle/joint pain, breathing problems, allergies, colds, thyroid issues, skin disorders, unexplained heart / blood pressure conditions, irritable bowel syndrome, lupus, unexplained blood sugar imbalances, unexplained reproductive hormone imbalance, low sperm count, infertility, vision problems attributed to allergies to unknown substances, chronic headaches, chronic sinusitis, migraines, anxiety, depression, mood swings, etc.

    There is no money for doctors or pharmaceutical companies in a disorder that is helped when patients have access to clean air, clean water and correct, pesticide-free diet of unprocessed foods.

    It is also hard to research because the money and facilities required must come from somewhere and that usually means funding big corporations whose products are likely contributing to the causes of the disorder.

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