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Kenya’s arrival growth curve in Q1 at 17% rise from last year

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Elephants a key feature on the East African tourist scene. Tourist arrivals in Kenya up again. PHOTO aroundafricasafari

ATC News by Wolfgang H. Thome

Tourism arrivals for Kenya, since November last year, have been rising again after several years of constant downturn. The Kenya Tourism Board is targeting an annual arrival number of over 1.5 million visitors for 2016 – over 400.000 more than in 2015, and early growth forecasts seem to be met by reality on the ground.

In a related development it was also learned that over 50 percent of tourist visitors to Kenya now are either domestic travelers or come from the wider Eastern African region and from across the continent with in particular Uganda and Rwanda adding above average numbers.

This is largely attributed to the Visa free travel for expatriates and foreign residents which can make use of the ‘Interstate Pass‘ which gives them Visa free access among the presently three countries of the East African Community.


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