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Karamoja MPs to hold emergency meeting with army, police over insecurity

Heavy deployment of army and police anti stock theft unit along the border corridor between Nabilatuk and Napak district to curtail crime. File Photo

Napak, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Members of Parliament for the nine districts of Karamoja region have called for an emergency meeting with the UPDF and police commanders to discuss the growing insecurity concerns in the region.

The meeting which will take place tomorrow on Saturday in Napak district follows the continuous killings over cattle rustling among the Karamojong pastoralists.

Remigio Achia, the member of parliament for Pian county who’s also the brother to the late Apanaluk who was killed by a mob in Lorengechora last week told URN that the meeting is aimed at getting to an amicable solution to end the cattle rustling and killings.

According to Achia, the output of their discussion will later be presented to the parliament as a matter of national importance.

“We are tired of reading in the media, people being killed, animals raided and now we want to know where the problem is,” he said.

Michal Lolem, the member of parliament for Upe county in Amudat district said the growing insecurity in Karamoja was scaring investors who are interested in investing in the region.

“This cattle raiding thing had died ten years back and people were peaceful, but now it started, its really disturbing us,” he said.

Noman Ocero, the member of parliament for Labuor county in Abim district said the issues of insecurity in Karamoja must be dealt with and stopped immediately.

Meanwhile, families in the areas of Nabwal, Nakayot in Lorengecora and Nabwal sub counties have fled their homes following a threat by Pian community in Amudat planning to attack Napak to avenge the killing of Mzee Apanaluk.

Brig. Joseph Balikudembe, the UPDF 3rd division commander confirmed that the meeting will take place tomorrow.

“It’s good when the leaders come and we become one so that we fight against this criminality which seems to be going from generation to generation,” he said.



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