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Kalembe vows to make Rukungiri “part of Uganda”

 The independent presidential candidate Nancy Kalembe Linda

Rukungiri, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT | The independent presidential candidate Nancy Kalembe Linda is appalled by the way Rukungiri has been neglected and has vowed to integrate it into Uganda so the people there can enjoy a decent level of service delivery.

Kalembe was campaigning in Rukungiri district on the same day with President Yoweri Museveni, the National Resistance Movement presidential candidate.  While Museveni was busy campaigning in the district main stadium, Kalembe also addressing her supporter along Republic road in Rukungiri town though she was blocked the security operatives shortly before reaching the town centre.

Addressing her supporters along Republic road and Total refilling station in Rukungiri town, Kalembe said that once elected as the president of Uganda she will improve the service delivery in the district.

Kalembe said that as she was coming to Rukungiri she passed through impassible roads, as people were also telling her that they are no drugs in the government health centers, things she promised to work on if elected.

Kalembe insisted that the people of Rukungiri need to be part of Uganda as one nation, saying that Rukungiri also needs better hospitals, schools, better roads and to benefit from a peaceful transition of power.

Kalembe is only female presidential candidate and she now becomes the fourth presidential candidate to campaign in Rukungiri district.




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