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Kadaga Chief Guest as Tororo Girls launch alumni association Sept 23


Kadaga will be Chief Guest at the TGSAA launch this Friday in Kampala

Tororo, Uganda | LOUIS JADWONG | The 1st Deputy Prime Minister of Uganda and Minister for East African Community Affairs Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga will be Chief Guest as Old Girls of Tororo Girls School, led by Violet Nandudu,  launch the Tororo Girls’ School Alumni Association (TGSAA) this week.

The launch, that will also have a fund-raising component, will be held at Golf Course Hotel, in Kampala from 3pm on Friday September 23. NTV Uganda and Nile Breweries are some of the launch sponsors. Tickets to the launch, that were going for Shs.110,000, are already sold out.

According to TGSAA inaugural chairperson Nandudu, old girls have always been actively involved in improving conditions at their Tororo-based school, but have been doing it informally.

“In a bid to promote development of the school, the TGS former student’s fraternity in the past actively participated in and operated alongside the school’s administration on several education and development projects,” Nandudu explained. Tororo Girls School remains one of the top 10 girls’ schools in the country, according to UNEB performance.

To streamline its operations, the former students on 8th November 2021 formally registered an association under the name “Tororo Girls’ School Alumni Association” (TGSAA) .

Nandudu said they value facilitating the future generation of alumni to have the same opportunities and positive experiences like they did, decades ago.

One of the exhibition stalls at the TGSAA 2022 Careers Day at TGS. The pictured Police Officer is an OG

“We envisage recognition of excellence awards, endowments, volunteer opportunities and an Annual Sponsorship Fund for deserving Learners as a means of ensuring that future generations of Learners have the opportunity to pursue quality education,” she revealed.

The school has had 10 head teachers, including now former minister Geraldine Namirembe Bitamazire,  since it started in 1965. Four of them will attend the TGSAA launch on September 23. The current head teacher is  Beatrice Akware Lumonya, also an Old Girl of the school


Areas for improvement

Since its establishment and with the growing enrolment of learners, the school’s infrastructure has progressively depreciated. The school’s original structures were built to accommodate 400 learners.

The high increase of number of student enrolment over the years has not been coupled with expansion of infrastructure and related facilities in the school leading to lack of space in the dormitories, inadequate water supply, constrained toilet facilities and limited space in the sick bay.

In light of the pressure on facilities, the Board of Governors and Parents’ Teachers’ Association recently commenced the construction of an additional 700 capacity mega dormitory estimated to cost Shs.5 billion.

According to a statement from the alumni association, Tororo Girls has been one of those that has benefitted in the past from development grants and has recently received a grant from the Government of Uganda to refurbish its infrastructure. The school continues to appeal for additional contributions to restore it glorious infrastructure. There is also need to enhance decent living facilities for the school’s teaching staff.

The new dormitory project underway at TGS

The school’s transport facility comprises of a 59-capacity bus that was purchased in 2005 and is in urgent need of replacement, according to the alumni. With the near 2,000 learners, there is need for a bigger capacity bus to transport learners and teachers for study and recreational events with dignity, in addition to 1-2 modern coasters – funds permitting.


Tororo Girls School (TGS) was founded by the United States Government in 1965 as a gift to the government of Uganda to promote the education of the girl child.

The school was established to develop skilled women leaders in Uganda and the region post the country’s independence era. Among the very few girls’ secondary schools at the time in Uganda, TGS possessed state of the art infrastructure for Home Economics, Agriculture, Languages, Type Writing and Office Practice (Secretarial Skills) to provide practical skills to young women. The school is currently ranked one of the top 10 girls’ schools in Uganda.

TORORO GIRLS SCHOOL: Girls bidding farewell to head teacher Wataba on 17th September 2022

The School’s vision is: To set and maintain high discipline and academic standard of students and turnout an all-round developed Ugandan female.

The School’s Mission is: To be a centre of excellence for skilled dignified women of substance.

Current head teacher Akware Lumonya says “the school offers a transitional experience for the girl child to explore their academic and co-curricular potential. While at Tororo Girls’ School, the child has the advantage of focusing on five (5) strong education pillars; competence, confidence, positive character, creativity and above all knowledge.”


Uganda Certificate of Education (O’ Level) 

Year Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Total
2018 126 [55.6%] 97 [42.7%] 04 [1.8%] 00 227
2019 168 [70.3%] 69 [28.9%] 02 [0.8%] 00 239
2020 215 [74.9%] 71 [24.7%] 01 [0.3%] 00 287

Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education [A’ Level, Arts]

Year A B C D E
2018 08 25 65 53 22
2019 06 16 74 65 47
2020 02 31 65 60 31

*The grades above represent a Learner’s scores in one or more subjects. Table 3:  Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education [A’ Level, Sciences

Year A B C D E
2018 04 08 11 18 25
2019 05 12 16 24 17
2020 04 18 14 22 22


*The grades above represents a Learner’s scores in one or more subjects.


HISTORY of Tororo Girls’ School Head Teachers

  1. Ms Marian R. Baibon [1965 to 1967]
  2. Ms Phyllis J. Roop [1967 to 1969]
  3. Mr. Doubleday Elwyn J. [1969 to 1971]
  4. Honorable Geraldine Namirembe Bitamazire [1972-1973]
  5. Mr. Bwire Abisai  [1974-1977]
  6. Canon Mrs. Joyce Bernice Nima, Headteacher [1977-1991]
  7. Mrs. Pande Sarah, Headteacher [1992 to 2002]
  8. Mrs. Tarinyeba K. Ida, Headteacher [2003 to 2012]
  9. Mrs. Helen K. Wataba, Headteacher [2013-2022]:
  10. Mrs. Beatrice Akware Lumonya, current Headteacher [May 2022 to date]


Interim Committee Tororo Girls’ School Alumni Association

  1. Chairperson – Violet Nandudu
  2. Vice – Josephine Etima

CLICK to read full list of organising committee


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