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Kabaka Mutebi decries poverty levels

FILE PHOTO: Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has challenged leaders in the country to bring an end to poverty.

This is contained in his Easter message to Ugandans.

“Whenever we commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we remember our deliverance in every situation. This is why we encourage our people especially the leaders at different levels about the issue of being delivered and delivering those they lead from poverty, corruption, illiteracy and mistreatment of those fighting for their freedom in politics, finances and general life,” reads part of Kabaka’s message.

He adds that it is hurting to see people evicted from land by people in authority. Kabaka Mutebi says that such acts were never part of Jesus Christ’s teachings.

The Kabaka encouraged unity in Buganda Kingdom and the Country saying that the resurrection should help everyone meditate on the reasons why Jesus went through suffering.

He says that the meditation should come with self-counseling and help everyone allow suffering and commitment to others especially those being led.

Kabaka Mutebi also prayed that the resurrection of Jesus helps Uganda come out of the continued dry season encouraging his subjects to be ready to harvest when the rains come.




  1. The kabaka his cabinet and all his local and community leaders need to lead by Example to eradicate thee vices he mentions. Who of buganda leaders has a model farm or factory to inculcate working into youths and eradicate poverty? The Buganda land board is involved in stealing people’s lands including kingdom land leave alone making them landless through KYAPA KUMEEZA leasing land to bona-fide owners!! The kingdom is encouraging laziness by begging from the subjects instead of using other forms of earning money like tourism of Buganda rich history and regalia. So all in all the kabaka should walk the talk and blame himself and his cabinet for failing to bring prosperity to central Buganda and Uganda as a while!!!

  2. Well articulated message from the Kanaka to his Buganda subjects and to Uganda as a whole. I think the Kanaka should come out a little more in matters of national importance. He’s a true stakeholder in issues and matters of leadership in this country. The reason as to how we got to this point is topically the miss of good leadership. Corruption, agreed, intolerance and violence have led us to this point. Sometimes, leadership means sacrifice. We “demand” (as subjects) much more from our Kabaka. We are better served by a “toiling” Kabaka whose orders we follow than a “satisfied” Kabaka whose orders can be defied. Buganda is a “nation-state” and not a “tribal unit.” Its status is guaranteed and not sought. Obote abolished it, Idd Amin “romanticised” about it, Yoweri Museveni “brought it back”, yet non of them helped “create” it. How do we then place our “survival” in mere individuals who are “mortal souls?” Whose “survival” we have been fortunate to wetness, is not guaranteed? We can choose top possess the power to determine our future or rely on others to determine our fate.

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