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Juliana is back… talks her future, her loss and ‘I’m still here’

Artiste Juliana Kanyomozi has given her first full interview in nearly two years, explaining why she took a break and stating she has come back even stronger.

“I have learnt that I am stronger than I ever thought I was. The ability to go through all I have gone including my loss, and I am still standing here….” she said. Juliana revealed that she had successfully fought off depression.

Speaking to Sanyu FM Celeb Select radio show host ‘Crystal’ Angella Newman, Juliana responded to the criticism of the video of her new single I’m Still here, saying the reason why some scenes look similar to others produced before, is that “when it comes to art, there is never anything new. There is nothing you will ever do that you happen to be the first.”

“Let’s celebrate the good things and uplift each other,” she replied to accusations she had copied scenes from a Jennifer Lopez video. “There is nothing you are going to do in the arts that has not been done before.”

Her loss

She also opened up about the loss of her son Keron Raphael Kabugo in 2014, her relationship with her former husband Amon Lukwago, her personal life and the virus milestones in her music career.

About Lukwago, she said reports they had broken up bitterly were false. “It was the media obsessed with the idea of people breaking up and being enemies. I am peaceful, I hate wars. While we had broken up, I believed in good relationship because we were co-parenting.”

She was cagey about her current dating life, saying, ” I am older and wiser now….the things I look for in a man now are very different. I am much more protective of my love life.”

I am back with something special

Juliana said she has a lot in store for her fans after the long break. “I am excited to be back. As an artist you need to take that break every once in a while.When you are in that thing called showbiz non stop, you need to go out and go quiet for a little bit.”

“It is due to the respect for  my fans that every time I am coming back it is got to be special. They wait for you, give you their attention so it had better be something special when you return”

In the interview, Juliana hailed artiste Radio as one of the most gifted the country has. “Does he even know just how gifted he is…he is bordering on genius,” she said.

Her personal life

“I am the kind of woman who cleans my own house. I do not have any staff at home…I mop my house, I cook my own food, I do my laundry, I do everything myself. Naturally I am a perfectionist….I like doing my house work….this is what I do.”


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  1. Tukwasibwe lindah

    Juliana you’re always a great woman , I respect you and I know you will do it to your best my lady God being your helper.just be strong and happy always.I love you and I respect you cos you’re my supper star.

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