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JOBS: Legal Advisor, Oranto Petroleum Limited


JOBS: Legal Advisor, Oranto Petroleum Limited

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Legal Advisor is a contract role engaged on an as needed basis. The requirement  is for an advisory service in support of corporate affairs and on matters related to  business operations. The role requires advice on business regulation and legal  obligations for a Uganda incorporated company. The Legal Advisor is responsible for  identifying commercial and legal risks and must provide strategies in response. They must also provide legal awareness training when required by Oranto. The Legal Advisor is engaged by and reports to the General Manager for  administrative functions and has a technical reporting line through to the Corporate Legal Advisor.


Oranto Petroleum Limited on 10th October 2017 entered in to separate stratigraphically defined PSA contracts with the Government of Uganda. The contracts define an exploration program to be undertaken for the Ngassa offshore Lake Albert concession which comprises 410 sq. km. During 2018 a further competitive licence round is anticipated in which Oranto may choose to participate after a careful evaluation of the available acreage.

Oranto Petroleum Limited has been operating in Uganda since 2013 and with the award of these new exploration contracts is to expand our Ugandan operation and locate our operations base at Entebbe.


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