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Irene Bulyaaba; Florist

By Independent Team

With the growing middle class, flowers now serve multiple purposes. They can be decorated at galas or during ceremonies, while other people have gone ahead to use them to beautify homes and offices.  In 2007, Irene Bulyaaba saw an opportunity in flowers and started out by starting Mercy Florists. Decorators were her initial target customers although after two years in business, she diversified her clientele to include corporate companies and high-end homes where she supplies flowers weekly.

The market price for a bouquet of flowers depends on the type of flowers used, size and design of the bouquet. Different flowers have different mysterious sensations, and thrilling moods they create. Bulyaaba sells flower species like Lilies, Roses, Tulips, Orchids, Sunflower, Gerbera and Carnations among others.  “Lilies are strongly scented flowers and are mostly used for sympathy tributes yet Roses are commonly used during happy celebrations. The Tulips particularly signify undying love for someone,” says Bulyaaba.

Success tips: Hard work, stock management

She notes that floristry like any other business is hard work that involves working long shifts, weekends plus public holidays.  “The early bird catches the worm. You need to be a natural early riser to snap up the best produce, head back to your premises to organize everything for the day ahead,” she says.  “Vigilant stock control is crucial; some merchandise wears out fast and you only want to display the best, so you’ll need to become an expert in buying wisely and anticipating your orders.” Bulyaaba has started growing some of the flower species herself not only to increase the profit margin but reap from the export market.

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