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Inzu Ya Masaba installs new cultural leader as Mushikori’s mourning rituals begin

In coming Umukuka John Amram Wagabyalire and the Deceased Bob Mushikor

Mbale, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT | John Amram Wagabyalire has been installed the Umukuka III and head of the Inzu Ya Masaba Cultural Institution. He was installed on Monday following his election in December last year to replace Bob Saul Kipiro Mushikori, the Second Umukuka who passed died on Monday last week.

Mushikori succumbed to diabetes at his home in Mbale City. His body is still lying in the Mbale City Morgue pending burial, which is tentatively scheduled for January 30th, 2021. On Monday, the leadership of Inzu Ya Masaba convened a special meeting to pay tribute to the late Mushikor and install Wagabyalire, saying the institution can’t run without a leader who is supposed to make decisions in the institution.       

The institution has also officially started rituals for mourning the deceased Umukuka. They include drumming big drums by Mushikori’s clan members that will go on until the day of the burial.  This will also include identifying Mushikor’s heir among his children, family and clan. Each of the 26 clans will conduct a cleansing ritual that involves slaughtering a bull, goat and cock. On the day of the burial, each clan will hold a mourning ceremony that will involve drumming big drums and chants in their dialect.

Mathias Nabuteri, the Deputy Prime Minister and in charge of the Umukuka’s Protocol, says the installation of the new leader was necessary since there are functions, which can only be presided over by the Umukuka. He says Wagabyalire now awaits the official coronation that will happen after the burial of his predecessor.

Kwar Adhola Moses Stephen Owor, the head of the Jopadhola Cultural Institution, who presided over the installation of Wagabyalire paid glowing tribute to the late Mushikori. He revealed that the late Mushikor was a personal friend, which made it necessary for him to come in-person to pay tribute other than sending a condolence message.         




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