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IN THE INDEPENDENT: Will Kabaka fire Katikkiro Mayiga?

The cover stories in this week’s The Independent. Get your copy at the nearest news stand.

In the Independent this week: Will Kabaka fire Katikkiro Mayiga? 

Will Kabaka fire Mayiga?: Anger, anxiety, unease over Buganda monarch’s fights over land.

Muntu faces FDC boot: Defiant members plot to oust party president.

The incongruence of the incongruence: How Ugandans get angrier as government does the right thing when it comes to spending money.

Rwanda preps for gorilla naming: The government of Rwanda through Rwanda Development Board (RDB) is in preparations for the annual baby gorilla naming that will be held on September 1 this year.

Museveni’s refugee summit warning: Why President told world leaders not to undervalue his hospitality.

Rwanda startups pitch for capital: African startups can now score capital commitments real time―so long as they convince a venture capitalist to give it to them in front of a live audience. That’s the format for Face The Gorillas, a Rwandan IT pitch series that runs several times a year on local TV, YouTube, and at select events.

2017/18 budget: Can gamble on new betting tax fail?: Why government imposed 15% tax on betting winners but cut that of betting houses.

New Investment boss offers space in 22 parks: Investors demand information on business opportunities.

PLA spearheading protection of Uganda’s labour rights.

Exporting health workers: Foreign mass recruitment of Uganda’s public health workers is a threat to national security.

Artists tackle personal and cultural identity: In a 30 minutes art performance titled `Safe Here’ during the Kampala Art Biennale 2016, Immy Mali struggles to balance on a bicycle before she can finally ride it.

Drake Sekeba: On his 50 years as a journalist:He is widely known for hosting “Vumbula’ program on former WBS TV. But Drake Sekeba is not only the face of then popular social and political investigative documentary show; he was also the brain behind it.

Saving fuel with VVT-i engine: It is not as straight-forward as your car sales person says.

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