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In The Independent: Revolt in FDC

The top stories in this week's The Independent. Get a copy at the nearest news stand
The top stories in this week’s The Independent. Get a copy at the nearest news stand


Revolt in FDC

An in-depth analysis of why the appointment of a Shadow Cabinet by FDC President Mugisha Muntu seems to have put him at odds with some party figures who remain loyal to party strongman Dr. Kizza Besigye.

The tale of roundabouts

Andrew Mwenda wonders why the international media have built a global caricature of Rwanda as a country whose economic success has come at the cost of human rights abuses and autocracy and explains why Western journalists juxtapose every good story about Rwanda with tales of dictatorship in the country.

Brexit What it means for Africa

Why Brexit might not be good news to Africa as regards present and future trade agreements with the continent.

Brexit- Understanding Uganda’s Import/Export Strategy

The value of imports from UK to Uganda has been declining since 2010. Will the attempts of UK officials to reverse the trend work with Britain out of  the EU?

Herbal attack on malaria

Dei, a locally-made herbal anti-malarial drug, is causing a buzz in medical circles. Should the drug be a reason for hope for the tens of thousands who become victims of malaria every year?

Elusive Electricity

New report suggests that access to electricity has increased but four out of ten households say they are dissatisfied with overbilling and high tariffs.

Investment deficit

Amid declining FDI and local sales revenues according to a survey by Bank of Uganda, experts suggest a way forward for growth.

Frankly Speaking Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi is not just a wife to a popular artiste Bobi Wine.  She is also a social and business entrepreneur.

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