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The origin story of the Swahili

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Two professors; Chapurukha Kusimba of Anthropology, University of South Florida, and David Reich of Genetics and of Human Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University, use ancient DNA to restoring it for the people of the East African coast. The legacy of the medieval Swahili civilization is a …

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The simplest fix for banking

Monetary authorities could introduce a digital currency to make the payments system more fluid COMMENT | Jan Eeckhout | Last year, the Nobel Prize in Economics went to two economists who study the dynamics of bank runs, as well as to former U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke for his work analyzing …

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Leveraging the International Chamber of Commerce

How Ugandan MSME can benefit from its focus on strengthening the institutional capacity of Chambers of Commerce & Industry COMMENT | David Bikhado Ofungi | The past decade has been associated with a revaluation of what corporate citizenry means. For a long time, companies were happy to park the Corporate Social Responsibility …

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Can governments still steer the economy?

The national budget’s purpose should be to use fiscal policy to protect the least well-off from disruptive blows COMMENT | Robert Skidelsky | In 1969, the British financial journalist Samuel Brittan published a book called `Steering the Economy: The Role of the Treasury’. At the time, it was still widely assumed that …

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African Business Book of the Year

The Business Council for Africa (BCA) Announces Nominees Kampala, Uganda | AGENCIES | The Business Council for Africa (BCA) has announced nominees for African Business Book of the Year. The nominees were selected from a pool of submissions by the Organising Committee In a statement on March 30 the Business Council …

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Loud road noise linked to high blood pressure

New research confirms risk Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Wailing sirens, aggressive horns, the roaring engines of giant diesel trucks — most of us would agree road noise is super annoying, but is it actually harmful to your health? A new study published on March 22 in the journal JACC: …

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Increase of oral diseases

Africa faces largest burden, least funding Kampala, Uganda | AGENCIES | Around 44% of the population in the African region suffer from oral diseases, and while the region has experienced the steepest rise globally in oral diseases over the last three decades, spending on treatment costs remains extremely low, a new …

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U.S. Embassy equips women with business skills

Kampala, Uganda | JULIUS BUSINGE | The 5th cohort of the African Women’s Entrepreneurship (AWE) Program has successfully graduated 85 women entrepreneurs from Kampala, Lira, and Arua covering sectors of building, agriculture, education, health, and technology businesses and tourism courtesy of the US Embassy and SHONA. The U.S. Embassy Department of …

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