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In The Independent: KCCA’s Musisi under siege

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Cover Story
Following the re-election of embattled Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and an Opposition-dominated KCCA Council, the swords have been drawn in for a brutal fight for supremacy in the city management with Executive Director Jennifer Musisi and President Yoweri Museveni on one side and the Lukwago-led Opposition on the other. While it’s not really a new battle, The Independent examines the strengths and weaknesses of the protagonists and what impact the infighting at City Hall will have on Musisi’s quest to implement her vision for the capital city.

Last Word:
Basing on the national census report and other sources, Andrew Mwenda explains why Uganda’s registering of good welfare outcomes over the last decade has not translated into structural transformation and why President Yoweri Museveni has very little to do with that situation.

Museveni’s bread and bullets for Rwenzori fighters
An AK-47-wielding President Museveni, fresh from being re-elected for his fifth term, has spent over a week in the volatile Rwenzori region where he held several meetings with the Rwenzururu king and other political and opinion leaders in the region where skirmishes have left almost 40 people dead since the Feb.18 general elections. Coupled with an operation codenamed ‘Usalama in Rwenzori Region,’ which the army launched earlier, Museveni appears to be utilising a two-pronged strategy to pacify the region. The Independent makes an in depth analysis of the situation and how successful the strategy will be in dealing with the historical grievances and scars in the region.

US Ambassador speaks on current political situation
Deborah R. Malac, the new US Ambassador to Uganda, arrived in Uganda barely two months ago but she has stirred a storm in diplomatic circles with the government threatening to summon her over her public comments on political matters in the country.  We bring you her thoughts on what’s going on in the country and the kind of country she thinks President Museveni’s government should allow Ugandans to have.

Unease as only cancer treatment machine breaks down

Following reports that the only machine for the treatment of cancer in the country had broken down and is beyond repair, pressure has been mounting on the government and the ministry of health with some critics accusing the authorities of gross negligence.  We dig deep into the issue to provide expert analysis and suggestions on how a long-term solution can be found.

Prince Besweri Mulondo died recently at the age of 90. Mzee Kavuma Kaggwa, who knew Mulondo since the 1960s –  long before Uganda became independent from the British – traces the maverick prince’s life over the decades and gives an insight about his life and legacy.

In an exclusive interview, Michael Wanyama, the executive director of the Higher Education Students Financing Board (HESFB), gives an overview of their operations, their successes and challenges faced over last two years since they launched.

Top Bujagali investor quits
We explain why SG Bujagali Holdings Ltd, one of the shareholders in the 250MW Bujagali Dam, wants to sell its shares to SN Power, paving way for the Norwegian energy giant to consolidate its position in Ugandan economy.

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