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Hoima cattle farmers relocate animals to Luweero

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Cattle farmers in Hoima district have started moving their animals to Luweero and Nakasongola districts in search of pasture and water because of the dry spell, which has taken a huge toll on their area.

The most affected are cattle farmers from Buseruka, Kigorobya, Bombo and Kabale sub counties. They say their animals are on the verge of the dry spell that hit their area in November last year.

The farmers says the grass that could feed their animals have dried up living them without any option but to relocate their animals.

Godfrey Kahiiga, a cattle farmer from Kigorobya sub county says all the dams and wells where their animals would access drinking water have dried up forcing them to trek close to over 10km in search of water for their animals daily.

David Dwizire, a cattle farmer from Kabale sub county says if the current situation is not contained immediately, their animals are likely to die due to lack of pasture and water.

He asks government to construct more dams in the cattle corridor so that their livestock could easily access water.

Sam Ntambara, a cattle farmer in Buseruka sub county says some farmers have started losing animals due to lack of pasture.

He says grass has severely been degraded by the prolonged drought and could take a couple of months to bulk up again.

John Rwemikora, a cattle farmer from Bombo sub county says if the situation persists, many farmers could be forced to sell or slaughter their cattle to avoid losses.

Fred Rusingana another cattle farmer says the situation forced the buy water from tankers to keep their livestock alive as drought conditions escalate, something he says is too costly.




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