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Government moves to regulate arts industry


Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | A list of ten rules and regulations have been set by the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development to be followed by musicians and others in the arts industry to follow when releasing their works to the public.

Among them is having the works approved by the culture forum before being released, getting registered by the culture minister and seeking clearance before performing abroad. Others covered in the rules include no use of toxic substances, proper hygiene, indecent dressing and having a valid practicing certificate.

This has caused controversy with some sections saying the government is targeting specific individuals. After their release on Jan.17, Kyaddondo East Legislator and musician Robert Kyagulanyi  Bobi Wine  took to social media to refer to the new regulations as mere gagging by the state .

He wrote, “I am right here in Kingston, Jamaica- the home of creative music, a lot of revolutionary music playing everywhere. From generation to generation, the consciousness of this nation has been awakened by music in all its forms. Nothing has marketed this country to the world more than its music and the arts. Ironically, back home, music is under fresh attack. The cowardly regime is bringing up new laws and regulations to gag artistes in the hope that they can kill and stop the music”.

Bobi Wine who has had several of his music concerts cancelled by government recently because of his political activism added that “you cannot kill the music. Just address the injustices we are singing about. If you do not, you should expect another song of the same kind, from another artiste of the same mind”.

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