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God has repossessed the solemnity of the easter feast -Masaka Bishop

West Buganda Anglican diocese Bishop Henry Katumba Tamale preaching in an empty Cathedral on Easter Sunday

Masaka, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |  Masaka Catholic Diocesan Bishop Serverus Jjumba has challenged Ugandans to use the current lockdown as a moment of true reflection and reforming their ways.

Bishop Jjumba was speaking during the celebration of Easter feast, from Our Lady of Souls Cathedral at Kitovu in Masaka Municipality. He emphasized that unlike the Easter celebrations over the years, this time, God has repossessed Easter to assert his authority over all creation.  

He noted that the ongoing lockdown has coincided with times when the many Christians are backsliding in their faith and instead put much of their focus at satisfying themselves with material wealth and pleasantries.

He observed that apparently, many people are mistaking the feast of Christ’s resurrection as moments of merrymaking without reflecting on the true significance of the day to the church and their faith.  

Jjumba has on the other appealed to the men to return to Church and renew their faith. Using the Biblical recollection from a story about the resurrected Jesus who made his first appearance to women, The Bishop said that had Jesus risked to first present himself to men, they would keep the good news to themselves and instead go to bars.  

He asked the Christians to use their time under the lockdown to carry out activities that reclaim the the environment in their respective areas of residence, through tree planting and collecting of all plastic and polythene materials.      

Meanwhile, at the seat of West Buganda Anglican Diocese in St Paul’s Cathedral at Kako, Bishop Henry Katumba Tamale also led his worship service in an empty church. He took off time and offered a universal prayer in which he venerated for the sick, response teams and all persons that have severally been affected by the outbreak of COVID-19.  

Bishop Katumba urged to Christians that despite the challenges brought up by the Coronavirus pandemic, they should remain hopeful the situation will return to normal        



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