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GEN TUMWINE: Security did very well to end riots in 2 days

Tumwine on Behind the Headlines talk show last night. PHOTO BY @nakakoni

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT |  Security Minister Gen Elly Tumwine has praised security forces for the decisiveness with which they quelled what he called a pre-mediated riots across the country last week.

Over 40 people are said to have died, many of them shot by security officers, after protests broke out following the detention of presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

Appearing in a heated UBC’s Behind The Headlines show Wednesday, Tumwine shrugged off accusations by MP Ssemujju Nganda that the security forces were high handed, and should be prosecuted for extra-judicial killings.

“The General blames everybody except himself. Majority of the people you killed were bystanders, and you don’t feel sorry?. You should change the way you speak. You’re an elder now, you shouldn’t be speaking like an iron fisted young man who went to Luwero,” charged Ssemujju.

Tumwine said those who started the protests should be blamed, not those who worked to protect the lives and property of other Ugandans. He said focus was on the consequences, not the cause.

” In my culture, when one starts a fire here, you go and start a fire the other end, so that when the two fires meet, they can’t continue burning,” Tumwine shot back.

“All security forces have one responsibility, protect the sovereignty of the country, protect the life and property of the people.  I really congratulate our security forces for what they have done, restoring peace and order within two days was not an easy thing for a premeditated plan to burn Kampala and destroy property.”


Tumwine went to condemn genocidal talk on social media. ” It’s not in the interest of any tribe to make genocidal statements. Cultural leaders should come out to condemn the act,” said.

Impact of elections

The show’s focus was on ‘Can Uganda have peaceful 2021 elections’, and included parliamentarian Margaret Muhanga and Makerere University don Ramathan Ggoobi. It was hosted by Charles Odongtho.

Ssemuju accused government of high-handedness

Ggoobi argued that failure to share power after elections was a major cause of tension in the country’s history.

“Gen. Elly Tumwine, we have to find a way of sharing power because whenever you win elections you take all the power and you leave others with nothing,” he said.

On the economy, he said, “The problem is that Uganda’s economy has been progressing for a few people, it has left out very many young people. There’s a lot of unemployment, poverty and subsistence.”

Muhanga blamed the rioters and the opposition for not blaming those who instigated them to go to the streets.

“If you think insecurity is good go and live in Somalia. Don’t incite young people to cause mayhem in this country,” she said.

COVID-19 and masks

There was a heated argument before the show started with Minister Tumwine insisting that Ssemujju wear a mask, which he declined to do, despite arriving earlier in the studio with one.

Ssemujju said that Ugandans have across the country resumed their normal lives, with gatherings and crowds not being restrained by law enforcement. He wondered why the politicians were the only ones being targeted at gatherings, saying COVID-19 SOPs were being used by government to frustrate campaigns of opposition members.




  1. I long ago gave up on Ssemujju because I consider him to belong to mad people. Ssemujju will never appreciate anything done by government. Right from his days with a radical islamic tabloid Shariat, he has continued to exhibit his alshabab tendencies. He is mad!!

    • But Kipto John, you must be a sadist or nihilist, or both. In his madness, which you want us to subscribe to; did you expect Hon Ssemujju to “appreciate”, clap and cheer what the govt/Gen Tumwine did, ordering the massacre of innocent Ugandans on the streets of Kampala?

      In the name quelling a protest, which was caused by the same govt (unjustified and violent arrest of Hon Kyagulanyion) Wed 18th NovemeberIs, is it a good thing for the UPDF and the police to face off unarmed Ugandans with machine guns?

      In other words Kipto, you will only appreciate when one of theses days in a similar random violence; one of your relatives and/or friends is mowed down by the same govt forces of violence.

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