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Gen. Sejusa remanded to Luzira

Former Coordinator of intelligence services Gen David Sejusa was slapped with a raft of charges at the General Court Martial in Kampala and remanded to Luzira prison on Feb 2, just a few weeks before the highly anticipated general elections on Feb 18.

Gen Sejusa also known as Tinyefuza, now a hard critic of President Yoweri Museveni drew national attention when he wrote a letter alleging a plot to kill senior government officials opposed to a plan to have the President’s son Brig. Muhoozi Kainerugaba succeed his father.

Sejusa who was arrested at his home by security forces a few days earlier was charged with Absence without official leave, two counts of participating in political activities contrary to the UPDF Act, Conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline, and insubordination.

In the first count, the court heard that, in April 2013 after Sejusa was granted leave of absence for three weeks by the Speaker of Parliament, he did not return after the leave ended. In the second count of participating in political parties, court heard that on November 22, 2015 while at Democratic Party (DP) offices on Luwum Street, Sejusa attended a political party event in which he canvassed for support.

However Sejusa’s lawyers argued that he could not take plea of any of the charges because of a pending case at the High Court-Civil Division on whether he is still a serving army officer or not.

The General Court Martial chaired by Maj Gen Levy Karuhanga adjourned court proceedings to Feb 9 to hear the objection filed by Sejusa’s lawyers and also to hear his bail application.

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