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Evelyn Zalwango; Furniture Entrepreneur

12 years ago, Evelyn Zalwango and her partners started Awaka Furniture Ltd from the confines of their home. The business was started out of individual needs for quality and customized furniture, which was not easy to come by in Uganda. Five years later, she became the sole proprietor of the business.

Zalwango says she realized that carpenters and furniture sellers had lost the credibility with the public on account of being dishonest. Integrity is her main competitive advantage. Backed by training in interior designing and furnishing, Zalwango and her team of over can make customized beds, coffee sets and tables, sofa sets and all forms of home and work furniture in record time. Today, Zalwango says the business has grown by over three times in terms of sales and turnover.

Success tips; financial discipline and perseverance

Although not many business people have financial discipline, it has been her key driving tool. Zalwango says, “Not all money that comes into the company or business will go to you as the owner; there are operational costs and people whose lives depend on you so you must fulfill your obligations.” Going forward, Zalwango sees the company going into the export market through AGOA and setting up a resource centre and carpentry and interior design-training facility for young people.

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