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Egypt’s Sisi expected in Uganda for key River Nile talks

FILE PHOTO: Sisi (left) and Museveni (right) in  talks last year in Entebbe, Uganda

Negotiations between Uganda and its neighbors over an agreement on sharing River Nile waters are scheduled to resume this week during the Nile Basin Heads of State summit, according to a report by APA NEWS.

According to APA,  this week’s meeting seeks to ensure that all Nile riparian states sign and ratify the Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA), also known as the Entebbe Agreement.

Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Kenya signed the framework in 2010 while Burundi signed it in 2011.

However Egypt and Sudan have to-date declined to sign the framework citing concerns about its reallocation of Nile water quotas and other provisions.

According to APA NEWS sources Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni is personally involved in talks with his Egyptian and Sudanese counterparts, Abdel-Fattah El-Sis and Omar al-Bashir over issues relating to Nile waters.

AharamOnline reports that Egypt’s  El-Sisi spoke by phone with Uganda’s Museveni  on Sunday, discussing the plans for an upcoming Nile Basin summit, the Egyptian presidency announced.

According to the statement by AharamOnline , President Museveni shared with President El-Sisi the latest updates regarding his ongoing talks with Nile Basin country leaders to hold a new summit in Uganda soon.



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  1. The leadership in Egypt and Sudan should the take this issue seriously with EAC states. Pre and colonial agreements are now obsolete and the waters of the Nile need new conservation approaches to sustain those volumes. Egypt+Sudan must fund the massive afforestation and wetlands preservation around L.Victoria or else they engage in early programmes of rain ‘seeding’ . HE M7 sound it loud and clear to them.

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