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EC asked to present biometric voter verification machines in Busongora South election petition

Counsel Guma Davis representing the petitioner has asked EC to produce the BVV machines used in the general elections. URN photo

Fort Portal, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Lawyers of the Busongora South County Parliamentary seat loser have asked the High Court in Fort Portal to order the Electoral Commission-EC to present the biometric voter verification machines.

Jackson Mbaju Kathika lost to Gideon Mujungu in the January elections. Mujungu of the National Resistance Movement-NRM polled 7,601 votes while Mbaju who contested as an independent candidate garnered 7,522 votes.

Appearing before Lady Justice Katamba Victorious, Mbaju’s lawyer Guma Davis asked the Electoral Commission for verified registers for some of the polling stations in the constituency.

Guma also said that they are interested in the BVV machines to cross-examine the captured figure prints if they correspond with the marked names of those who voted in four polling stations.

The system which uses human body characteristics to confirm a person’s identity is fed with data for all eligible voters to ensure that only registered persons with biometrics data can exercise their right to vote.

The Principal Legal Officer Electoral Commission Enoch Kugonza says that the register is vital evidence in this petition since all candidate agents were given copies. He says the new application is abrupt which may delay the hearing.

Mugabi Silas Kahima from Mugabi and Co Advocates representing Mujungu said new applications in the case may derail court proceedings. The matter can also be seen.

Justice Katamba asked the Electoral Commission to respond to the request before Wednesday when the hearing of the petition will start.

Fort Portal High Court is scheduled to handle nine election petitions over the next 14 days.



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  1. When it’s a petition against the President elect, the machines suddenly stop working. Infact they don’t even store any data, how ridiculous.. 😂

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