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Crime preventer remanded for unlawful possession of police handcuffs

Francis Nayebare Appearing at Buganda Road Court

Kampala, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |  Buganda Road Magistrates Court has today remanded Francis Nayebare, a former member of National Crime Preventers Forum to prison on charges of illegal possession of government stores.

It is alleged that between April 5-6th, 2020 Nayebare was found in possession of a pair of handcuffs and metallic baton belonging to the Uganda Police Force.

He is also charged with being in possession of 262 roles of Cannabis which are prohibited in the country.

But in response to the charges, Nayebare says he was once a Commander in the National Crime Preventers Forum and that it’s the Police that gave him the metallic baton and the handcuffs.

The Police items were reportedly recovered from room six in Eden Inn when a search was  conducted in his absence.

Nayebare told court that he is an innocent man who has never committed any crime and the said the exhibits were simply planted on him.

The crime Preventers group that was to be co opted under the Army was formed in 2013 to promote Community Policing in partnership with Uganda Police Force.

However, the group received a lot of criticism from the public and Police on allegations that they had promoted crime instead of preventing the same. 

Nayebare has been remanded to Kitalya Government Prison until May 7th 2020.



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