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COVID experts: We need to fight for our sovereignty, rights and freedoms

Eva Mugisa

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | COVID-19 experts have emphasized the need for countries and people to fight for their sovereignty, personal health choices, rights and freedoms as authorities continue to battle the pandemic.

Speaking at a Covid-19 virtual townhall meeting, under the theme “COVID 19 mandatory vaccination – reclaiming sovereignty over our health, James Roguski, researcher and natural health advocate said, countries need to exercise their autonomy and protect their citizens’ health rights.

He cited the World Health Organization (WHO), which he said is currently negotiating an international treaty that seeks to give it more legal authority over “your personal health choices, rights and freedoms.”

In a related online article, Roguski said, this battle against biomedical fascism can only be won if large numbers of people learn what the World Health Organization is attempting to do and raise their voices in opposition to it as soon as possible.

Roguski’s views relate with those of other health experts and pundits on COVID-19 and other pandemics. Eva Mugisa, a pharmacist and director at Faith for Medics Association said, every person has a right to seek all information regarding covid and other vaccines before they are administered onto them.

Mugisa said, the answers could relate to faith, medical background, discomfort and more. She also expressed her discomfort about the absence of an effective vaccination reporting system in Uganda that is long term in nature to respond to the-would be negative impact of the covid vaccines.

School vaccination

Relatedly, Jacque Barlow, a parent urged the government together with the schools to deeply involve parents while moving towards vaccinating their children in institutions of learning.

“Parents have a right to agree or not to agree to covid vaccinations for their children because it is their God given right,” she said, “Schools are not vaccination centres but are places of learning.” She also said, the government should direct all covid 19 fights not on forceful vaccination but on sensitizing the parents to understand the vaccination story so they can make informed decisions.

Uganda’s Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, said last week that government will start vaccinating children against COVID-19 this month when school term commences on May 9. She said, the Pfizer vaccine approved for use in children will be deployed to vaccinate this age group to help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 within schools and other places.

Reverend Canon Evatt Mugarura, Secretary General Uganda Public Health Specialists Association, said forcing children to get vaccines is not right, sustainable.

“I’m not against vaccination…I’m only saying that there should be consent from their parents in line with the Ugandan Constitution (Art.34). Beyond that, he said “we need an effective community engagement to achieve positive results in the fight against COVID-19.

Simon Ssenyonga, a lawyer and pundit on COVID-19 supports covid vaccination as long as there is consent from those being targeted.

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