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Christine Mbalyowere; food entrepreneur

By Joan Akello

Smart Foods Ltd started small in the Food Technology laboratories of Makerere University as a result of exciting work on transforming whole soybeans into Tofu (a fresh meat alternative) that is acceptable to the African taste.  Currently, Mbalyowere’s company produces and markets both marinated and plain Tofu through the uptown supermarkets in Kampala. It also makes soy nuts with latest product being the first veggie sausages in East Africa branded Soyfry.

Smart foods makes high quality seasoned and plain tofu, veggie sausages, burgers and corned beef sold in Ugandan market.  “In developing the product, we wanted Ugandans to have a tasty meat option that is rich in proteins and blessed with anti oxidants, which act as a healing factor that reduces the risk of coronary heart disease,” says Mbalyowere.  “The excitement has finally resulted into a successful business enterprise that employs over ten people.”  Her degree in business administration and management has helped her in the smooth-running of the business while the certificate in food science and her experience at work boosts her knowledge in the production line.

Tips to success; love your job, plan

For Mbalyowere, it has always been love for the job and proper planning that has transformed the business from a small unit to an SME that can compete favourably with the big companies.

“Have good planning and organizational skills; keep proper business records, analyze and embrace competition but most important of all is to be consistent in product quality,” says the entrepreneur.  With hard work and consistent investment in the company, Mbalyowere works towards becoming a multi-million company that can serve and employ many Ugandans

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