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AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi shot dead in Kampala

Police spokesman Kaweesi talks about the Kasese killings last year. He has today been shot dead by unknown assailants.

REPORTS JUST IN indicate that AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi and his two body guards have been shot dead as he left his home in Kulambiro, Ntinda just outside the city on Friday morning.

Details are still scanty, but initial reports indicate they were attacked by people riding on a motor cycle. Neigbours report hearing over five minutes of gunfire, before a silence descended on Kulambiro.

It is reported that Kaweesi was heading to Mukono where he was expected to address students at Uganda Christian University.

Uganda Police chief Kale Kayihura is already at the scene, as investigations start. An ambulance has just taken the bodies – Kaweesi, Corporal Erau Kenneth and driver Constable Geoffrey Mambewa-  from the scene for postmortem.

Live broadcasts from the scene show Police securing the crime scene. Kampala Metropolitan Police Publicist Emilian Kayima confirmed Kaweesi was shot dead about 9.30am, and urged “Ugandans to remain calm” as “all the experts” were at the scene conducting investigations.

Kayima said details would be shared later.

NBS TV was reporting that President Yoweri Museveni who is in Kawempe, is expected to arrive at the scene.

Kaweesi has been Head of Human Resources and police spokesman.

“Two motorbike drivers and two men with guns fired at the car. They shot very rapidly with guns that looked like AK47s,” Mohammad, a motorcycle taxi driver who lives and works in the area, told AFP.

“The motorbikes came from behind as the car was leaving Kaweesi’s house. The car driver tried to increase speed but they drove past the car and shot into it,” said the 30-year old who declined to give his surname.

“The motorbikes were new and the shooters looked professional. They weren’t wearing masks but I didn’t see their faces because I ran for cover.”

Karemire promises army support in investigation

Army spokesman Brig. Richard Karemire hailed Kaweesi.”I am at Mukono University where we were supposed to be together to talk to students. He has passed on in service of Uganda and we condemn those behind the crime and hope they will be brought to book. He was a very professional officer who the country will miss.”

“Let us allow investigations to be completed. It does not mean the country is not safe, but all of us must participate in security through community policing.”

“It is not a matter that warrants UPDF intervention, but we will continue working with other agencies by sharing information,” Karemire added.

Besigye blames Mafia, calls for Scotland Yard

Leading Uganda opposition figure and former presidential candidate Kizza Besigye hailed Kaweesi as bright and intelligent, and said he is sad about what had happened and how it happened. In an interview with NBS TV, Besigye called for external help to resolve such crimes as was done in the Dr. Andrew Lutakome Kayiira case where Scotland Yard were called in.

“I was listening to what Security Minister Gen Henry Tumukunde was saying. He was marveling at how people can be so confident to come and kill people who are armed in broad day light.”

“It is a sign we are in deep trouble and we need to step back and find out how to get out of this,” Besigye said, referring to the murder as a result of  “a mafia state where judges, police officers and prosecutors are targeted.”

 Andrew Felix Kaweesi was today scheduled to speak at an 8AM to 5PM career seminar at Uganda Christian University. Then death showed up.




  1. That the slaughter of Captain Kigundu and Afande Kaweesi their drivers & bodyguards respectively, were in broad-day-light; the assassins are loudly saying: armed and travels in bullet proof vehicles with bodyguards or not; from now on, no one is safe enough!

  2. AIGP Andrew Kaweesi was executed mafia style on orders from “above”. At his age (only 43 years), had a shining career, wanted to go into politics and had attained a doctorate from South Africa. He must have been a threat to the powers that be. Probably project Muhoozi was in jeopardy.

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