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Bobi Wine is selfish, power-hungry politician


Bobi Wine campaigning. PHOTO BOBI WINE MEDIA TEAM

He is leading his supporters and admirers to COVID-19 mass suicide with recklessness and irresponsibility

THE LAST WORD | ANDREW M. MWENDA | Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has been hosting large rallies across the country. In all of them, tens of thousands of his supporters gather in close contact with each other and vast numbers are without masks, in total disregard for the COVID19 pandemic SOPs. In one video, which I have watched from the beginning to the end, he tells his supporters: “those with masks should wear them and those without masks it is okay”.

The world is engulfed in this COVID19 pandemic. As I write this article, it has infected over 75 million people and killed 1.7 million. Right now over 20 million people are hospitalised with COVID19 worldwide, with 107,000 in critical condition. Hospitals even in the richest countries are overwhelmed, without enough beds, medical staff, ventilators and other facilities. In poor countries, which seem to have escaped the scale of this pandemic, the situation is alarming.

In Uganda, even with our low testing, nearly 30,000 people have been infected, 228 have died. Even with these low numbers by global and African standards, our medical facilities and staff are already overwhelmed as we have very few Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds, doctors and nurses to cope with the scale and scope of the problem. We are in a crisis where we need leaders to set an example.

We have a government and a president, Yoweri Museveni that have been in power for 35 years. Bobi Wine and his acolytes claim, and in many cases correctly so, that this government (which they derogatorily call a “regime”) is characterised by massive corruption and gross incompetence; that it is dominated by selfish and greedy individuals who are in power to line their own pockets rather than serve the common good. They have been calling for a change in leadership in order to redirect the country onto the paths of selfless public service, underwritten by values of honesty, frugality, integrity and a strong commitment to the common good.

Museveni and his confederates are campaigning on the “no- change” platform i.e. to maintain the status quo or the situation as it is. It follows that the opposition and most specifically Bobi Wine and his NUP, should demonstrate that they are the pillars of a new Uganda, saviors standing on the highest hill of moral virtue. They need to demonstrate to us that they seek a real change in the conduct of public affairs by placing the vital interests of this country and its people above their individual and collective ambitions.

Yet during this campaign, Bobi Wine has demonstrated that he has one and only one value that he cherishes – getting into power whatever the cost. From the perspective of realpolitik, I agree with him. From the perspective of a change agent who wants to end the greed and selfishness that has characterised the Museveni administration, I not only part ways with Bobi Wine, but I vehemently disagree with him. Bobi Wine has exposed himself as a selfish, power-hungry politician seeking power above all else. How?

Many families have lost loved ones in this pandemic, I having lost four in one month of October. Others have their loved ones in ICUs, in HDUs (High Dependency Units) or have gone through the agony and anxiety of tending to the sick. If the virus spreads, this country has no capacity to manage its effects. It will simply decimate our people. It is therefore incumbent on our leaders to take social distancing, the wearing of masks avoidance of large gatherings and constantly sanitising not just as a strategic imperative, but most critically as a existential necessity.

President Museveni has tried his best to adhere to the SOPs, to his great political disadvantage – since we know rallies are vital in campaigns. Other presidential candidates should also lead by such an example. But Bobi Wine is leading his supporters and admirers to mass suicide. Not since the mass suicide of “Pastor” Kibwetere’s in 2000 cult members has Uganda witnessed the reckless and irresponsibility that Bobi Wine has exhibited in this campaign to the applause of his intellectual surrogates and admirers.

In my many unhappy encounters with some of my intellectual friends who are sympathetic to Bobi Wine’s cause, I have been disappointed, to say the least. Some of these are persons who have preached to me the virtues of a values-driven leadership. Yet the justification for Bobi Wine’s irresponsibility is that Museveni should not have called an election in the midst of a pandemic, that NRM candidates are violating the SOPs, and that the government has blocked their candidate from access to most radio stations across the country.

Let us unpacked these arguments, all of which are legitimate: do these impediments justify a person seeking the presidency to drive his supporters, and through them the entire country, to mass suicide? Do some of our elites see the risk these rallies are posing? Does Bobi Wine want to inherit a country of millions of sick and dying citizens? Is this the price we must pay for change from corruption and incompetence, the price of mass death to a pandemic?

I find it strange that Bobi Wine and his acolytes can justify their wanton irresponsibility by referring to the behavior of NRM candidates. If NRM candidates are violating the SOPs without police doing anything, should NUP candidates do similar? Is it not the role of NUP and other opposition politicians to hammer home how selfish NRM is, how its leaders do not care about the public good? How does behaving like NRM make NUP and others any different?

When in power, Bobi Wine and his acolytes will justify their own corruption and incompetence on grounds that Museveni and his NRM were corrupt and incompetent too. They will justify their clampdown on our freedoms and liberties on grounds that Museveni and NRM did similar. They will justify nepotism, favouritism, anarchism, chaos, etc. on similar grounds. One can tell a tree that will deliver good fruit from its seedling and we have seen who Bobi Wine is.

Here is the real crisis of Uganda’s politics: we don’t have real leaders seeking a change from our current dysfunctions. We have a cabal of opportunistic politicians seeking power in order to inherit the privileges of their predecessors. We do not have an intellectual class or civil society that stands above partisan rancor that seeks to hold all sides to account and without fear or favour.

This country is filled with partisans who have no interest to change policies and practices of the current government. They are all self-interested individuals – materially or emotionally or both – seeking to remove Museveni and his confederates so that they too can have a chance. Otherwise no sane intellectual person can defend Bobi Wine’s mass suicide rallies under any explanation.



  1. “Otherwise no sane intellectual person can defend Bobi Wine’s mass suicide rallies under any explanation.”

    Bobi Wine’s mass suicide rallies are for him to sacrifice the lives of his supporters to Satan. At every rally Bobi Wine provokes the police to shoot so that he can offer sacrifice before his next rally. The mass rallies that Bobi Wine is promoting are for him to lure his victims in the name of “supporters” to death. Without masks the people are likely to transmit Covid 19 to one another and die soon after. That plays into Bobi Wine’s lust for blood sacrifice to offer his master the devil. Bobi Wine has been exposed to be singing in praise to Lucifer in his secular music. Ugandans pray against Bobi Wine. He wants to take the whole country down to hell in order for him to gain power. His supporters worship him so that even if they are warned about Covid 19 they will not listen. True Christians should pray for the country. The other day after more than 50 people lost their lives he shamelessly organized a bogus prayer meeting. The police should be more vigilant to stop his madness. Since Gen Lokech helped defeat and drive out Al Shabab from Mogadishu he is the right person to deal with the threat of anarchy brought about by Bobi Wine. This is a drug addict and he trying tell us that he has anything good for the country. The concern should be saving lives and the prevention of anarchy in the country. Ugandans should take seriously the fact that Bobi Wine has been exposed as a devil worshipper and with that is his lust for blood sacrifice. This is urgent. Bobi Wine has said openly that “Museveni is the only problem in Uganda.” Which means he does not know about the issues affecting Ugandans, be it Covid 19, poverty, lack of education, maternal deaths, or other diseases and the need for the security of country. He has provocatively said that the army supports him. However, it appears that he means the devilish army that he has founded with everybody wearing red berets who are supporting him. His followers are the masters of vulgar language. Please stop this outlaw.

    • Mr Victor your thought pattern is terribly worrisome. You, indubitably, need exorsism from your unrealistic fundamentalistic mental quagmire.

      • First, exorcise demons and djinns from Bobi Wine. He’s a dracula.

        • Thank you Victor for your elaborate insight into the underworld character of Bobi Wine and his mob. I personally had not taken this matter seriously, till I read in depth about the devil worship, crime gangs, and drug cartels in his favourite country Jamaica. Later, I read about the snake worship that Bobi and his wife Barbie indulge in. I was taken aback when I observed a consistent pattern of snake-ish regalia among what Bobi and wife put on. First it was the ring, then the necklace, the most recently when Bobi was campaigning in western Uganda, the dress that Barbie put on, had a snake picture on the front facing down with eyes looking in front!! Then I came to realise that Uganda is dealing with a team of devil worshipers that are likely to take our country into apocalypse. We must pray as a country. We must reject this nonsense. We must resist these goons with their foreign backers. And the resistance starts now, with powerful prayers and fasting!!!.

    • On Christ the Solid Rock I stand

      If what you keep ranting about is true and what I have known for so long is true…don’t you think God will still be God if he used a devil worshiper to unseat a devil worshiper?

      • Whoever is worshipped besides the heavenly father and creator god, is an Idol. May it be called health, wealth or other things/persons. Thats all bad. Why? Only YHWH is good, and if you worship others you have to deal with the outcome. Let us sing a new song, the ancient one, Christs song.

    • No body has killed more people, directly or indirectly, no body has a bigger bloody footprint in Africa than M7. This is a man who went to Mozambique in order to know how it felt to kill a white person. During the war to remove Amin, all the other groups involved in the struggle never carried out activities within the country that were likely to put the lives of Ugandans at risk, apart from FRONASA.
      The war in Luweero, right from the attack on Kabamba were suicidal missions, and unprovoked without the chance of exploring other means of resolving the issues at hand, and all the subsequent killings, even those by the government forces, were in response to the attacks by the rebels fighting the regime then.
      Right from the killings of Muslims in Mbarara, to massacres in Aruba after the overthrow of Amin, to the hundreds of thousands in Luweero, the killings in the north and those in eastern Uganda, to the deaths in Rwanda, DRC, and even some in Sudan, all these have M7 hand in them.
      As aptly mentioned somewhere in these posts, it was possible to postpone the elections, after all we changed the terms limits, the age limit etc etc. M7 knew that having the monopoly of government resources as well as control of other alternative forms of campaign, as well as control of means of coercion ( read death), government resources as well as the resources from corruption, they had an unfair advantage over the opposition.
      And in a poor country like Uganda, who has the responsibility to provide the masses with the said masks, for which the funds have already been procured.
      M7 uses all these pandemics and disasters, from opharns of wars, AIDS, Ebola, refugees etc to get money from international donors as in the case of GAVI for him and his cohorts to loot. He does not do it because he loves Ugandans.
      So whatever deaths are occurring the blame falls squarely on M7.

      • Thanks for the well articulated analysis, I wish all elites could be analysts with clear facts at hand as you have elaborated

    • Museveni went to war and killed thousands to get to power.. If Bobi is committing mass suicide to get to power, let it be.. Museveni sacrificed thousands and Bobi can do the same…

  2. Mwenda notes “Does Bobi Wine want to inherit a country of millions of sick and dying citizens?” Do you realise how very shallow minded this chap is at his best! What disturbs so much is how he defends anything as long as he profits from it. Any life lost is sad; but I bet the number of people going to die because of the COVID that you attribute to being spread by Bobi Wine is going to be far less than the people, that Museveni who you support, killed in Uganda to become a president. How about those he killed in Congo and by extension killed in Rwanda? You used to be an ardent admirer of president Kagame until he realised that you were useless, have you forgotten how many people died for him to become a president? Stop your exaggerated nonsense and come up with issues that affect Ugandans the most.

  3. Thanks for your analysis but we should know that ,this what NRM government has created where there is no rule of law.we don’t follow the laws not because we want it but the incumbent who has failed to step down and the speaker takes the country such that we can move on by our constitution.we shall suffer not bse we want but the regime is doing everything to retain power,mindless of people dying!🤔

  4. Tukimanyi nti the post is made by government orders so you can say anything to mislead us but u can’t Twabakooye Bantu mmwe

  5. But Mwenda, can you tell us why the elections were organized when Covid-19 was ravaging the country? You cannot even see that this was because a selfish M7 wanted to deny his challengers a platform? Surely? You guy? Are you really sane? I think next time think before you write. How did you expect Bobi wine to reach the people? Like how M7 pretends to do? Is that possible?. Please, better be serious! Don’t just write for the sake of it, because some people might think that you are deranged!


      You are paid to spoil bobi wine but we must vote for him to avoid people like u in Uganda.

    • So you mean it’s okay for people to continue dying just because bobi wine is looking for votes
      Bobi wine can tell his supporters to use masks, his supporters listen to him but instead he allows people to die
      You all give the expample that museveni came by shedding blood in Luwero
      Why can’t Bobi wine be a difference since he wants to save us. People have to hide in houses and not work if bobi wine is passing by it should not be like that. The sad thing about all this is that the youths are the ones dying our future is dying.

      • What is an election and what characterizes a political campaign especially in a third world like uganda. And above all, why were elections much needed to be held if life was more a priority to museveni.Do you remember when he said any one organizing elections by July with the spike of the virus must be insane!! So are all Bobi wine ‘s haters but support an election to be held,insane ?

  6. To hell with politics!!!!!!! Something that paturbs my understanding is that all the presidential aspirants are claiming to have one agenda “ENDING MUSEVEN’S REGIEME” hahaha. Then why not trusting one NRM’S rival with that agenda but you see all of them claiming to………apaana.
    I think NRM will continue to lead us until when we discover ourselves as Ugandans.

  7. Mr. Mwenda your mind speaks louder of what your heart feels for M7. In short, you are a campaign gun for hire. Tell the public how many people die of malaria daily as compared to covid-19. Is it because of Bobiwine campaigns? Why silent on the mortality due malaria? Stop cheap politics please.

    • If Andrew is right then it means that if bobi wine becomes president, he wnt be able to handle Covid just like Museveni has done cause seriously even if we don’t like Museveni, he has tried with Covid.
      We are tired of blood shed, we need a president who is not going to shed more innocent blood. We a Mandela, someone who prevents pouring of blood. People have died before and during museveni’s reign so now we want peace . As mothers we are tired of seeing our children die
      You father’s may not care

      • Christine sounds like Nancy Kalembe, the presidential candidate, who campaigns as a mother and expects sympathy from the voters on that basis. very delusional. Nancy is not the first female presidential candidate. we had miria obote, Betty kamya (who ended up in hospital halfway the campaign) and then sold her soul to those she used to describe when in FDC as murderers of mothers and children in Luwero!), there was moureen kyalya who midway campaign begged museveni for a job when he wins. now Nancy kalembe on KFM Hotseat said as a mother she does not like belligerent language of Bobi and Amuriat because they are drumming for war to kill mothers and children. she also stressed that she does not like them because of large rallies which endangers people with covid. I lost respect for Nancy and I confirmed the rumour that she is m7 stooge. Her confession that she hates Bobi and Amuriat should have made museveni, his fanatics and his security operatives that massacred people on Bobi’s arrest, smile. she reasoned like an undercover museveni sponsored candidate, confusing the voters.Our female politicians are ideologically bankrupt and those are the people Mwenda adores because they are on the ‘right’ path. hahahahha

  8. what i have failed to understand is why our MOH is adamant on reporting covid related deaths specifically contracted from the rallies.

    Even if Bobi is removed from the Ballot, i know his face well, iwill draw his face on the ballot and an umbrella and a tick on the side. Emitiima Jakaluba

  9. After one year abroad, I arrived in Uganda two weeks ago. From the airport to Kampala, I could count the number of people wearing face masks off my fingers. I briefly went to the village and the ignorance about SARS-Cov-2 is quite mesmerising. I was asked by several people whether there indeed is COVID-19. So, Andrew, please stop playing politics. People not wearing masks, people not social distancing, people not washing their hands etc are not because of Bobi Wine. Ugandans are either ignorant or stubborn. I am told Kikuubo and the entire Kampala business district is a mess; are you blaming Bobi wine for this as well? I agree with you that to defeat COVID-19; we need responsible leaders. Museveni indeed has demonstrated one of the strongest leaderships in the entire world in the fight against SARS-Cov-2 but don’t blame Bobi Wine.

  10. If government cares so much about transmission of Covid, they should first close kikuubo. Have you been there before? I am M7 has not.

  11. I completely agree with you sir mwenda.yes change is needed but like you well explained the quality of agood fruit is seen from its seedlings.take agood example of joe Biden and America.he did less of public campaigns and always encouraged his supporters to ware masks and follow other SOPs were most of the Democrats voted by mail and that didnt stop him from winning.

  12. 1.Surely;how do you expect an African/Ugandan to vote for a leader without physically looking and dancing for them?Governmnt was expecting alot from us. i am told that tear gas kills corona.
    2.When you watch International News;you may mistake the dispersing of Bobi Wines’s supporters by security as a deliberate attempt by M7 to scare Bobi”s supporters which is not the case.
    3.Ugandans believe that they can not get COVID coz most of them including Ejakaait and Rajab have no passports i.e they have never travelled outside Uganda.
    4. Thank heavens for the emptiness and shallowness of Bobi Wine’s campaign.
    5.I know that Kagame wants a weak leader like Bobi to lead Uganda.
    6.Our neighbors like Congo,Rwanda,Sudan still have unfinished business with Uganda they are just praying for the downfall of M7 which may not happen soon.
    7.@Ejakaait every sensible war ever fought on earth was for a good cause including the Mau- Mau rebellion.
    8.I dont know why Yoga Adhola has a problem with Uganda following the foot steps of Singapore.

    • Winnie, dishonesty is (irrationality) a mental health related problem. I don’t have to tell you, Andrew Mwenda and a bunch of others that you are a contemptuously dishonest lot: but your conscience does everytime you froth your dishonesty in ink on paper/keyboard.

  13. Mr Andrew Mujuni Mwenda, how about if you stated your title of this article thus; “Tibuhaburwa M7, Bobi Wine are selfish and power-hungry politicians”?
    It would look nice and more objective, isn’t it?

    Because literally, right from the onset, whatever M7 has done on this planet earth points to a selfish and power-hungry politician!

    From picking up guns to head to the Bush in 1981, to tearing up the constitution violently, patronage, to widespread corruption, to bribery etc etcetera. all is done with the sole aim of keeping himself in power till the second coming of Jesus Christ!

    Former Mbarara municipality MP Hon Winnie Byanyima once stated “if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, laughs like a duck, eats like a duck, then it is a duck”!

    Then you yourself Mr Mwenda until recently you used to like quoting this proverb, “what is good for the goose is good for the gander”!

  14. I was in TZ during their last election campaigns. CCM held massive rallies in different cities around the country, without observing any prescribed covid prevention measures. I dont condone that approach, but I ask, how many have died as a result of this behaviour?
    Tanzanians continue to live free from fear of this deadly virus. I visited Karioko market, a huge expanse with little moving space, coupled with no safety measures. I travelled in their crowded daladala, without a mask in sight. I didnt hear, at all (anecdotal or officially) of deaths arising out this.
    The virus is present and lethal, but the alarmist measures we use are excessive.
    If it was to kill Africans in sub Sahara Africa, it wouldve wiped out Tanzanians by now.
    This virus will kill more people in areas that suffer from lower immunity due to reduced access to vitamin D; people with underlying conditions; etc…
    We will NOT see the statistics of deaths and infection, currently appearing in the news here in London, or in Newyork.

    • “If it was to kill Africans in sub Sahara Africa, it wouldve wiped out Tanzanians by now.”
      You forget that Tanzania declared three days of national prayer and fasting. Apparently
      it worked for them though people at first castigated Magufuli for the prayers citing
      the fact that he was a scientist yet employing unscientific methods.

  15. Tunku Abdul Rahman

    The military junta always finds excuses to gag the Opposition. It has been the Public Order Management Act for a long time and now it’s conveniently the prevention of the spread of COVID. Suddenly prominent people die from COVID and nothing else. All other diseases seem to be waiting to strike again when the elections are over.

  16. “If it was to kill Africans in sub Sahara Africa, it wouldve wiped out Tanzanians by now.”
    You forget that Tanzania declared three days of national prayer and fasting.
    It apparently worked for them though people at first castigated Magufuli for the prayers citing
    the fact that he was a scientist yet employing unscientific methods.

  17. “If it was to kill Africans in sub-Sahara Africa, it would’ve wiped out Tanzanians by now.”
    You forgot that Tanzania declared three days of national prayer and fasting.
    It apparently worked for them though people at first castigated Magufuli for the prayers citing
    the fact that he was a scientist and yet he employed “unscientific” methods.

  18. Bwana Mwenda, your pro- heartless regime propaganda strategy is drailing your international reputation and intellectual credibility, if Bobi wine is heartless and power hungry, then you haven’t critically analysed facts, is he the one who decided to organize elections with hook or crook in the midst of the deadly spikes of the pandemic? When NRM primaries were massively held in total violations of the Sops protocol, How many people were infected and how many deaths were registered during that time? Or you mean NRM supporters are immune to covid!!
    When access to media platforms become completely impossible by Museveni challengers, access to public without hassle and nearblood shed caused by the state apparatus becomes the order of the day, I How could a first time presidential aspirant send a message to the electorates when competing with a 35 year old regime with coercive tools of repression. What could insanely justify the organizing of elections as a matter of life and death in the sight of the deadly pandemic, wasn’t museveni and his fanatics excessively power greedy and wished not to miss the opportunity of the covid situation to recapture power in the name of “scientific elections”

  19. Andrew, either you are trying to say provocative things to sell your rag of a magazine or you have lost the brains I always thought you had!. Wine power hungry? Don’t make me laugh. If we are going accuse anyone of being power hungry lets start with the idiot who has been in power for 35 years, changed the constitution uncountable times to extend his dictatorship and went to the bush to contest an election which even if had been fair in 1980, he would not have won.
    To be honest look at the government we have to day or the sham of what we call a government, everything is being done to keep museveni in power.
    – Bloated parliament and government
    – Nepotism and relatives in power centers
    -Rigged elections
    – Murders and lack of due judicial process
    – Persecution of opposition
    – should I keep going on ….? Bobi is power hungry foot!! sheesh!

    • Andrew, either you are trying to say provocative things to sell your rag of a magazine or you have lost the brains I always thought you had!…..

      Then why are you on his page if it’s a rag of a magazine….?

      pure arrogance, tribalism and a general lack of simple civility just….

      Why get so emotional as if this “nation _wide political hysteria” is the “final Armageddon”….

      there so much evil going on about this whole election thing…
      But what if there’s some humour you can make out of it all…
      (Inspite of the reckless bloodshed)….

      – Bloated parliament and government
      – Nepotism and relatives in power centers
      -Rigged elections
      – Murders and lack of due judicial process
      – Persecution of opposition.

      (By your Name, i believe there is a past regime amongst those bloody ones by leaders with names similary pronounced as or nearly to yours e.g Obote, & such leaders were actually worser at “unnecessary bloodshed” than this current regime you are pointing the finger at)__


      You are the kind who are “thirsting” for a Genocide scenario as what happened in Rwanda in 1994 when the Hutus slaughtered thousands of Tutsis.

      • Typical response from regime apologists a lot of bluster and wind but no serious point. This is what is called ad hominem– but me thinks you are too stupid to understand what that means by the quality of your diatribe. In short — so many words but you have done nothing to address the accusations I outline with no intelligent counter arguments; why ? because you cannot push back against my points and instead use what idiots do — attack the character of the person and not the argument.

  20. ….just imagining this guy (Bobi) as president of Uganda gives me goosebumps allover….
    (and the seemingly sensible ones surrounding him foolishly believe he’s a “Messenger from Above”)….
    And his Wife (Barbie) also naively believes “State house_Entebbe” is in sight for her as “First Lady” ?
    (has this crazy couple with tattoos adorned on their bodies really “Authentically suffered” for this “Higher throne” they are dying to inherit?), or didn’t they critically decipher the lessons embedded in “Game of thrones”:
    “Politics is notoriously brutal, filled with wildly ambitious characters jockeying for influence in a competitive world, where money goes a long way and nobody is safe.”

    On covid_19:
    Each presidential candidate has been entirely exposed/”unmasked” for what they trully are & exactly to what Great extent/s they are determined to reach @ in attaining their major goal, Not just compromising their own Health, safety/security but even the people around them/their entourage & those they address to ask for their vote/s….
    (Bobi has scored 0%. for the others it doesn’t really matter)

    @ the end of it All, it’s not so much about political ethics, Truth, morality, integrity etc….
    It is mostly entirely about the difference between a sky_diver that has done uncountable High altitude jumps for so many years & the newbie_novice_sky_diver who is panicking, sweating & getting all unnecessarily emotional at their first attempt at dropping out of a plane @ high altitude & pulling their parachute_trigger….
    (There is a very Great difference between an amateur & an expert)….

    it’s disappointingly unnerving that a particular large percentage of a specific populace (the socalled youth/young generation) can “Blindly rally behind” an amateur (Bobi) with delusional expectations/fantasies that once he wears “the prestigious crown” as president…..then All the youth/young adults will automatically inherit the country’s “High Positions” currently occupied by our “Old Dads & Old Mums”…..

    Recently Jack Sabiiti to tell Museveni that “their time is up” (Sabiti & M7) & that they should hand over power to the “Young generation”….
    (was Sabiiti speaking out of “old grievances” because of “the current establishment which threw him out” or….?)
    Because how old is Joe Biden ?
    78 years.
    (If old_age is Not a Big deal in such a developed world, then certainly Museveni here in our “banana republic” at “supposedly” 76 years of age is “still a baby”…).

    I often scoff at certain “political anecdotes” whenever i come across “some accusations” regarding the socalled inconsistencies, incompetence, failures & weaknesses of the NRM regime such as Corruption….
    WHY ?
    Show me any one government upon this Earth for example that doesn’t operate a secret “Black Budget” & i will show you Why even the socalled poorest nations of this earth are really Not that so poor…
    WHY ?
    Because the “middle & lower classe/s” of any given society must & will “usually unknowingly” support the “first/High class” in & of that society….whether directly or
    (A rich local or foreign investor/Billionaire here will, once in a while, be given a “Tax Holiday”,
    Because of the enormous Tax gains government gets from them.
    But will the “second hand clothes” Trader in kikuubo be given the same opportunity/Tax holiday ? No!
    (and then this kikuubo trader will start calling the government a corrupt beauracray of selfish greedy zealots ???; )

    There is No Fairness in human civilization. There will Never be.
    Mankind is naturally a Corrupted species.
    The Dis_”Ease” (disease) is in our very mortality, in our Blood/DNA, in our physicality.
    Blame it on our genes/DNA strand configurations or something related to that…..
    MATERIALISM is a “Natural physical Law” but, & an INHERITED curse….
    WHY ?
    Because we are “3 in 1” (Body, Mind & Soul or Spirit), but all encompassed in “one shell” & each of these 3 layers of our mortal existence is always at war “in competition for the resources that each wants to control”….
    (The body wants to feed & drink etc, but the soul wants to rest & dream/”astral travel” to other Higher dimensions etc…etc….)….

    We are Naturally at war for the organic or inorganic resources that must sustain our mortal existence here….
    (The irony being….we were given a very bountiful planet full of all the elements we need for our survival here, & yet we fight and selfishly compete for these resources…..& don’t forget….this is “By Default”, Not by artificial standards set & enforced by mankind. Just watch a new born pair of twins fighting for one of their mother’s breasts then you may wonder: are we born Selfish or do we find selfishness here and get forcefully sucked/assimilated into it ??? )….

    CORRUPTION within mankind & his society_civilized or uncivilized, is a natural “Preset Default Standard”….
    (This “standard” only varies according to very many varying circumstances, environmental factors, levels of modernisation/civilization etc)….

    It’s only a delusional mindset which portends that a particular economy is drenched in stagnation or low status because the “Higher Powers that be” in & of that economy are selfish & corrupt…

    Is a woman or man in public with their partner not “corrupt” whenever their eyes wander away from their partner to a stranger….male or female passing them ?
    (personally i think the “wandering eye” is the “NATURAL CORRUPTION” in every human being, so Why make a Big deal out if it…??).

    Whoever thinks Corruption is NRMs most “Rotten Dis_Ease”….
    look deep into & observe the collective Unconscious of mankind….
    Then you will somewhat realise….
    “Most of our Sins are really Not our Own. They are INHERITED crosses/burdens”….

    Only a Fool wastes their time complaining about a certain “ability or inability” INHERITED from their “Ancestral Seed/Root DNA”


    LGBT+ funding.

    Considering Bobi becomes President….
    Does that then imply Homosexuality/Lesbianism becomes LEGAL in Uganda….???

    WHAT EXACTLY IS THIS “SHADOW HUMAN RIGHTS’ GROUP FUNDING & others alike” which Bobi always runs to to shame Uganda’s socalled abuse of human rights….???

    Why Doesn’t Bobi & his camp come out clearly on this ?

    When Museveni talks about it (LGBT+ human rights groups funding NUP), Why does NUP & other opposition groups “run away from the secret_facts being Unmasked” ???

    • In other words, Nyiragahumuza and rumbling kinds are the cold-bloody advocates, authors and/or practitioners of human wrongs and criminals against humanity; accessory and/or accomplices to the all gross human rights abuses in this country since 1981 and counting. Otherwise I have never come across any normal human being, who has no sense of black and white; right and wrong (good and evil; just and unjust; cruel and kind; nice and nasty; etc.

      Otherwise, whoever abstains from condemning injustice, torturers, murderers, false witnesses and accusers, is not only inhuman but accessory and/or accomplice to the torture and murder of his/the (torturer’s) victims.

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