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Biden jabbed for telling 6 notable lies: Hill

Biden under pressure on the economy.

New York, U.S. | Xinhua | While every modern U.S. president has stretched the truth now and then, Joe Biden’s routine misstatements about money and the economy seem to go unchallenged, reported The Hill in mid-July.

“In recent months, as the economy has slipped into a soft recession and with inflation at 9.1 percent, the Biden whoppers keep coming fast and furious,” said the report, citing “six of the most economically consequential deceptions of the Biden administration.”

The first three of them are: nobody making under 400,000 U.S. dollars will have their taxes raised; inflation is worse everywhere but here; the economy had stalled when he entered office.

The latter three are: he is responsible for the strongest job creation economy in modern times; since he took office, families are carrying less debt, their average savings are up; he is doing everything he can to lower gas prices.

“Perhaps none of these half-truths and outright fibs should be too surprising,” noted the report. “Come on, Joe. We’re not that dumb. Give us a little more truth.”

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